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I think were gonna finish 7-9. Were still inconsistent, but we will play better this year. Babin and Robinson will go through learning experiences this year. Cowboys are horrible, thats all last week proved. They looked sloppy today ( besides the quarterback play and J.Jones havin a good game). Still won, but diden't play too well. Played better than they did against us but I still see them goin 6-10 this year. I think Vinny will go down and Henson will be throwin into the fire and have his ups and downs.

But back to the Texans, seein Andre drop the easy catch makes me think if were gonna have a repeat of last season with him. Prolly not but he'll prolly always be a guy that drops easy catches (like T.O.), but still be really good. I diden't like our run blocking today, Pittsburgh is a tough run defense but our blocking sucked too so it made it even worse. Im glad to see Carr still getting a high percentage of completions, I think he will be in the 60's this year. I just hope for less INT's. I miss D.D. runnin though, Hollings can't break tackles like he does. Babin doesen't look over powerful or really good, he just looks like he has a non-stop motor, which is good. Should of had a sack today, Ben knew he was bein sack and flopped it at the last second, thats bs. But oh well, I think were improving, and now its time to start glueing together.
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