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Default Re: JJ Watt Foundation

Donating more than $374,000.00!!!


The Justin J. Watt Foundation’s (JJWF) very first donation, with the help and generosity of Eastbay, was providing 33 middle schools in the Milwaukee Public School System with $11,500 to purchase flags, footballs and uniforms

America SCORES Milwaukee received $4,517.56 for equipment and uniforms for the Alumni middle school soccer programs.

“I truly feel blessed and thankful SCORES is available for our kids. I believe in the program and love, love coaching! Love the positive energy it brings in exposure to organized sports that so many of our kids wouldn’t ever experience without this program. Thanks for all you do and for allowing me to coach once again!”

- America SCORES Soccer Coach

Bayfield Middle School received $386.95 for a volleyball net.

Boys & Girls Club – Dane County received $2,500.00 for equipment.

Capitol West Academy received $3,814.64 for cheerleading, track, soccer and volleyball uniforms. A volleyball team will be assembled for the first time in 2014!

Milwaukee Public Schools – Recreation received $9,699.70 for equipment for tackle football.

Nativity Jesuit Middle School received $2,923.86 for their track and swimming programs.

Oshkosh Area School District received $23,986.09 for equipment and uniforms for for girls and boys basketball, wrestling, cross-country and volleyball programs all five of their five Middle Schools

Phoenix Middle School in Delavan-Darien received $6,300 for new backboards, rims and padding for their basketball programs.

Racine Unified School District received $33,900 for uniforms and indoor and outdoor soccer equipment for their five middle schools.

Risen Savior Lutheran received $2,157.11 for soccer and volleyball uniforms.

Walworth – Big Foot Wolves Football received $2,938.42 for football equipment & pants.


With the help of United Healthcare, JJWF donated $9,000 to three Boys & Girls Clubs for a 10-week program called “Get in the Game” in the summer of 2011. The kids were also given backpacks filled with healthy snacks to take home each weekend of the program.

Camp For All received $31,867.50 for 15 all court wheelchairs so their campers are able to play organized sports all year long. They are working towards having their baseball field made barrier free so the campers can enjoy that sport as well one day.

Chinquapin Preparatory School received $6,013.98 for the volleyball and soccer equipment as well as a water chiller and storage shed for the equipment.

Dean Middle School received $3,450.87 for soccer uniforms and football equipment.

Fondren Middle School received $1,299.91 for football equipment.

Frank Black Middle School has received $19,019.42 for softball and baseball uniforms and equipment.

Jackson Intermediate School received $18,805.86 to update their football uniforms, helmets and to purchase a hydration system, sideline markers, down marker chains and a 5 man sled.

Kipp Liberation School received $40,000 to purchase a 15-passenger van along with equipment and uniforms for soccer programs as well as to improve its athletic fields. We’re proud kids will no longer be turned away for lack of equipment and/or uniforms.

Kipp Spirit School received $20,000 to purchase new equipment and uniforms for baseball, softball and track as well as a storage shed. The school is also in the process of purchasing a baseball-batting cage, pitching machine and two five-man football blocking sleds.

Matagorda ISD received $1,065.09 to purchase basketball, volleyball, softball and football equipment for its 6th-8th grade after school programs.

Ortiz Middle School received $1,949.50 to purchase yoga mats and uniforms for its tennis programs.

Park View Intermediate received $6,470.20 for football equipment.

Pilgrim Academy received $5,429.58 to purchase brand new softball equipment including the fencing for the backstop and uniforms so it can add softball to the after school program options.

Pleasantville Packers Youth Football Organization received $11,588 to purchase new equipment, storage racks and uniforms for its football team.

Sharpstown International received $4,469.87 for volleyball equipment.

Southwest Middle Schools received $6,599.98 to purchase two Wii Systems DDR Energy + Wii Fit Plus Packs. Their lack of space, fields and busing prohibit the kids from having fields or green space to play outdoors. This solution was an excellent alternative to keep the kids active after school in a safe environment while still learning the same traits of being part of a team.

Spring Oaks Middle School received $5,078.81 for their 6th grade development program after school.

Welch Middle School received $5,181.14 for equipment for flag football and soccer.

Yellowstone Academy received $2,038.44 for equipment and uniforms for volleyball and football.

Yes Prep East End received $3,000.00 for basketball, track and volleyball equipment along with medicine balls and a compact rack to store the balls.

Yes Prep Southwest Campus received $50,000 towards the new gymnasium. Ground breaking was in September and it’s due to be completed in March of 2014. They currently have been renting space nearby. This will be a great addition to this campus!


Marbury Middle School in Alabama has received $17,639.35 to replace their football teams equipment and uniforms for 60 players.
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