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back to the subject, the way they called the contact penalties was ridiculous. Someone needs to explain to these guys that touching a guy is not defined as 'contact' in the NFL. Part of the rule states that a receiver should be able to run an unimpeded route after 5 yards which is fine, but there were several instances where corners just put there hands on a guy who was running right at them, no shove no grabbing, and they threw a flag.

I think every ref from tonights game ought to have to stand on the field and have all 220lbs of Andre Johnson sprint directly at them, and see if they don't put there hands up.

Hopefully they get this worked out before the season. Otherwise there will be a whole new set of routes in the game:

"Starling it's 3rd and 19. Go run a 5-yard shoulder route!"
"umm, sorry, I don't know that one coach"
"see that corner, go run directly at him with a full head of steam then lower a shoulder like you're going to take his head off and see if you can get him to touch you"
"but when do I get the ball?"
"You don't! that's the beauty of it. automatic first down! and we don't even have to risk an interception!"
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