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Default Re: Richard Sherman's Big Mouth

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
What a lazy way of thinking. Oh, anyone who doesn't like a guy who acts like a total ass is a hater? What are you 12?

I have no problem with Sherman and I find his play to be very exciting. However he does act like an ass and I can understand why people are turned off by it. The criticism may be way over board, but to call anyone a hater who doesn't agree with his antics sounds childish. A lot of people are naive to what is said on the field and some people are just old school and believe in respect and sportsmanship. God forbid that idealism stays alive. I disagree with all of the whining about Sherman especially when it is towards a guy like Crabtree who has been a jerk for years. I also understand why it bothers people a little though. It isn't hard to understand.
Well ok then old fellers. ..I guess I'm just a lost child. Ill be that. It still doesn't change the fact that you are a hater. Why does sherman have to be like you and be respectful when a sorry wide receiver like Crabtree has been talking crap all game? All the great ones have been caught being "unclassy" at some point in their careers. They didnt grow up learning about life with a silver spoon in their mouths. (Most of the great ones at least). And even if they did, when you are passionate about something, passion will come out of your mouth when your adrenaline is in full effect mode. Im not trying to make this a race thing, but if tom brady or Peyton manning had said that I doubt they would be labeled a "thug". If the black man comes out yelling like sherman did, immediately he's a thug. Erin Andrews got scared and probably thought sherman was about to knife her down by the way she reacted. If it were a white guy I doubt her reaction would of been the same. Im just saying. There is a double standard and if you disagree thats fine, but imo blind.
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