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Default Re: So .... Who's your QB in 2014 ?!

Although I'm a manziel guy, I'm starting to jump on the Bridgewater bandwagon. I think he has what it takes to be a BIG TIME nfl qb. He looks alot like Russell Wilson now. When wilson was a college player, he scrambled around more, but since then, he's been more of a pocket guy. TB seems like he's got what it takes to succeed mindwise.Great character. Great work ethic. Humble. Calm. Smart. Passio for the game. Overall good guy.
Then you add in what he's done on the field...sounds like a cant miss. He will eventually get bigger and fill in in a cpl years. Played against bad competition? Had bad talent around him... (I'm reaching here because I dont know much about his teammates) I'm sure he makes his team better.

Bridgewater or Manziel sound good to me. I dont care which one as long as we dont trade down to get mallet or bortles. TB or JM with the edge to ...tbd.
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