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Default Re: Texans interested in Bill O'Brien

Originally Posted by PapaL View Post
Has the game evolved since that time? Or are players still running around in leather helmets?

Yes and at times it is too complex. That is why players are not all on the same page. Auburn had a great offense this year with less than 10 base plays. Chip Kelly is also going away from the gool ole boy philosophy and doing things different. Kelly took the same team that Andy Reid won 4 games with and he is going to win 10 games or so this year.

Do you want an innovator or a guy who tries to copy someone esle but does not do it as well? Chip Kelly is the innovator. O'Brien tries to copy Kelly but does not do it very well. He runs up tempo but his offense is always confused. Kelly RUNS the ball and has long drives with tons of first downs. OBrien wants to pass the ball and has a horrible third down converstion rate.
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