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Default Re: Texans interested in Bill O'Brien

Have any of the Obrien fans actually watched a single PSU game? I doubt it. He did a great job of keeping the players together but his ont he field coaching is nothing impressive. He went 7-5 in a really weak B1G. Is that AMAZING? OB is a good coach in a weak conference but he is not a great coach. He is still learning. He is not ready to be a NFL coach. OB is not going to get a SB in Houston. He NEVER even won won in New England. NE won BEFORE OB was there. Brady won THREE without OB.

I think OB is starting to feel the heat at PSU. His on field coaching is average. HE makes plenty of mistakes. This is his first head coaching job. He tries to copy Chip Kelly but he is no Chip Kelly. Even Kelly makes tons of mistakes in Philly. The only thing that OB really brought to the offense was up tempo but his play calling is shaky. The PSU offense always seems confused and tons of false starts. Their third down converstions were HORRIBLE. ONE in the first game vs Syracuse and TWO vs a really weak Eastern Michigan.

There is a small vocal segment of PSU fans who want OB to go. The masses want to keep him for stability(more than coaching) and to maintain the recruiting class. Most of the people who want to keep him would prefer he hired an offensive coordinator and many also want a new defensive coordinator.

IF he does leave, PSU has a good shot at hiring a better coach.
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