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Default Whoa!

First, Thanks A4toZ for backing me up! What I was stating was some of the comments I have heard on 610 radio lately. I spend alot of time on the road, and obviously talk radio ventures into the car. I recently heard a few callers making the comparison to Quincy Carter, and not only that, just blasting Carr's development. It's an easy comparison to make for any of us AND complain about, as we live through these players every sunday afternoon, but not justified on any level, as we sit in our loungers and make statements about a game we have never played, on the NFL level. Obviously, anyone that is able to make the adjustment into the highest level of football, such as an Aikman, Marino, Elway, Bradshaw, and the list goes on and on, are exceptional athletes, but not many come into the league and take it by storm. As a matter of fact, its' only going to become more difficult as players become faster, smarter, quicker, and yes, more selfish, hampering the development of role players! I for one don't believe we can place a feasible time table on a guy like Carr who is playing for a developing franchise. Through his two years, his development has been slowed due to line trouble and injuries. Is the same being said about Pennington? Is the same being said about Vick? Both have been deemed franchise saviors, but what have they accomplished. Had this been the Houston Oilers of 2004, still remaining in Houston, with seasoned veterans around him, yes, I would be stating that Carr needs to show extreme improvement with proven commodities around him, but over 60% of our team is on the same path as Carr, getting better, learning on the fly, and building the foundation, on what WILL BECOME AMERICA'S TRUE TEAM.........THE HOUSTON TEXANS! I think we need to show the same improvement as the team, making the Texan fan base the most supportive, backbone to any professional franchise, rather than one that shows our ugly side, like a spoiled step-child anytime a player doesn't complete a pass, run what we thought was the approprite route, or take a hit from a 330lb lineman!! If anyone is out there who feels they can do better, I'm sure Casserly and Capers would welcome the tryout!
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