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Default Re: Jamies Winston Qb Florida State

Originally Posted by TexansSeminole View Post
He was identified 1 month after the attack.

That's not how I read it. They said they waited for the DNA results until April. Sounds like they are more concerned with the timing of the DNA test. The police didn't get his DNA right away because they say they didn't want to tip him off that he was being investigated yet.

So, it sounds like they got his DNA results in April, or else what DNA results are they talking about? There is no information that the results from her test can give without something to compare it to. They are clearly talking about the DNA results from some other person, and Winston is the only person that they are talking about.
THERE ARE NO DNA RESULTS. They were waiting for the victim's bloodwork to come back, which they didn't get was until April. Winston has never had his DNA taken. It does NOT take 6 months to run bloodwork. Ask any tech who works for hospital or doctor. The police protected Winston as a suspect and stonewalled the victim and her attorney.

Did you not read the same report that you posted? It says that the blood work determined that she was not intoxicated and they seem to take offense to the fact that it is being reported that she may have been. Clearly, if there was something in her bloodwork that showed that she had been roofied, don't you think they would be talking about that or that we would have heard something about that by now? Nobody is reporting that she was roofed. So, that is all assumption on your part.
They are taking offense to the fact that the police made it seem like she got herself intoxicated and trying to blame the victim (which seems to have worked on you).

You can't tell the difference between a 6'4" person and a 5'9" person, especially when you are sober? That is the difference in what the police report says and the actual height of Winston. You can't accurately tell the difference between those two? Seriously?
Have you ever been under stress and trauma had had to identify a person's height? You are guessing, not pulling out a tape measure. You think you could remember what a person's height or face looked like if they were pointing a gun at you or if you were being held down and raped? If you are banking on the fact that the height was wrong, then you re holding on to a very thin rope.

That was their whole reasoning for not taking DNA from Winston right away. I don't know if that's proper detective work in this kind of situation or not, and neither should you unless you are a detective or familiar with how they conduct rape investigations. It stands to reason that they would do some preliminary questioning and try to get as much information as possible before they take a DNA sample from someone and then precede to watch them lawyer up and shut their mouth. I know that if I were asked to submit a DNA test in the investigation of a woman's rape, I would immediately get a lawyer after I gave my DNA. I'd be on the phone with one as I left the police station.
Except they didn't do preliminary questioning, at least not of Winston or his witness buddy. They took her blood and figured out the alleged was Winston and then stonewalled her. The police are supposed to question people as soon as possible and they didn't. They stonewalled the victim, put the investigation in a drawer and left it there till the media got wind nearly a year later.

Do you know how long a DNA test done for this type of investigation takes the police to process? I don't.
There is no DNA. Blood work takes a week at most. So either they didn't send it out or they sat on the results for months.

Winston's lawyer has already stated that witness interviews were conducted back before February, when he thought the case was closed. So, witnesses have already given their statements. There is no worry about the details changing in their mind, their account has already been recorded.
No, Winston's lawyer was informed they closed the cased when they hadn't and haven't interviewed Winston or his roommate. The "witnesses who support Winston's version" spoke to Winston's attorney, not the police.

I don't know if it's wrong. I don't know how well the original investigation was conducted. Neither do you. We don't have information on that, all we have is the victim's family saying they weren't given information quickly enough.
Common sense would dictate it doesn't take a 6 months to get blood work done or a year to to send a rape case to the state attorney or to question the alleged perpetrator. If they thought he might be innocent, they would have interviewed him and then closed the case, not stick in a drawer.

Probably not very many. People are not barbarians. If a woman is raped and has a legitimate case against someone, the community is going to support her.
Wow, you must live a dreamworld. The supporters of a school taking the side of a victim and not the star QB? Seriously? The POLICE EVEN TOLD HER ATTORNEY TO THINK ABOUT THE ACCUSATION AND THAT SHE WOULD LIKELY FACE RETRIBUTION FOR ACCUSING HIM!!

They got the results in April is what I am getting at. Why didn't they push for charges right then and there? If they were unable to get anything done in the face of overwhelming evidence, they should have gone to a higher agency to investigate the matter. It points to that the results that they got in April weren't what they thought they'd be and now they want to go after TPD in regards to the slow progress of the investigation.
Again, BECAUSE IT WASNT DNA. It was HER blood work.

All the family is doing is questioning the timing of specific aspects of the investigation. If the police don't have anything to go by, they don't press charges. The family isn't even saying that there is clear cut evidence that he should be charged.
The family is questioning whether the police buried the investigation and protected the FSU star QB. And why did they inform Winston's attorney if they didn't want to tip him off? And why did they keep the school police informed if they made it clear they didn't have jurisdiction?

We can talk about this again when we have more actual information. Like the DNA results that the family got back in April. What did that say? That's actual evidence. Until we get more information, it's all assumptions. Both you and I are simply assuming basically everything we are saying here.
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