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Default Re: Jamies Winston Qb Florida State

Originally Posted by TexansSeminole View Post
It wouldn't be FSU's fault. It's more on TPD and potentially the State Attorney's office. I've heard that it's possible that the State Attorney's office, even Meggs, did know about the case back in December of last year. Either way, something is foul here.

If the family received blood and DNA work back in April, why are they not wondering why charges were not brought based on those results? Seems to me that if Winston was identified via blood work, the family would expect charges to be brought on him. Yet, they don't seem to be wondering about that. Did the blood work show that he was or wasn't involved? Considering they didn't bring that up, leads me to believe that he wasn't identified.
He was identified. The police refused to collect DNA from him or interview his roommate. I believe they have yet to collect DNA from Winston.

Too many question marks. Way too many. If she's been raped, where did she wake up? Seems that if you wake up somewhere and are unsure of who may have raped you, wouldn't you be able to determine that based on the residence in which you woke up? That would be a good place to start. So, she called police about the attack and did she tell them where she woke up? The part in which Winston wasn't initially named as the suspect by the victim is strange to me. Why would it take you 1 month to identify someone if you aren't intoxicated, as the family suggests? Also, why is the description of the attacker in the original police report so far off from Winston's physical description.
You know what a roofie is? If you are trying to describe a person who is attacking you, how well would be able to tell if a person is 5'10" vs 6'1"? Seriously.? Unless you have a ruler on a door or stand directly next to the person, I doubt anyone could accurately describe a person's height, much less when they've been raped and are in trauma.

Why does it matter how much time Winston has to get his defense team and witnesses together? Witnesses are going to either lie or tell the truth, time doesn't change that. The defense also thought things were over in February, so why does that even matter?
If they alerted a person they are being investigated before interviewing him, it gives him time to get his story straight and talk to his friends to make sure their stories line up. Further, people's memory are of an event are much better the closer to the event they are interviewed. The way people remember events and details may change over time, even without meaning for it, simply because more time has passed.

Either way, the State Attorney's office is now heading the investigation so the original detectives are not leading the current investigation. I don't even know if they are involved. The only new information that we have is that witnesses have supported Winston's claims of what happened and that the family may have received blood work at some point in which didn't constitute charges being brought on Winston. Those two things and that the family is claiming that TPD improperly handled the case.
Right, they are investigating nearly a year later and the alleged perpatrator has had time to get rid of any evidence, talk to the witnesses (who happen to be his friends) and make sure they support his version of events. This doesn't seem wrong to you??

Honestly, who gets raped, gets the blood work back and doesn't press for charges after 8 months have gone by? Who fears for their daughter's public perception over justice in their daughter's rape? All sounds very strange to me. If you are worried about public perception, transfer schools and sue for damages. If my daughter is raped, I'm going all out to get justice. I don't care who is the supposed perpetrator.
That's what they did!! Why do you think they went to the attorney and kept pushing the police for results and an investigation? It took the media getting wind of this before any action was done. And how many idiots on that campus and in town would make her life hell if she publicly accused the star QB of rape?

There's also a picture going around the area of Winston in the club kissing this girl and she's all wrapped around him, so take that for whatever it's worth. Probably nothing. She's white by the way. Pretty sure the club is "Coliseum" based on the decor that I see.
Many rapes are done by people the victim knows or has been intimate with.
Much more likely to let your guard down with someone you know than a stranger.

You are a fan and you WANT to believe him. I get it. But if the victim was someone you knew or the alleged perp was just another guy instead of the star QB, do you think you'd feel differently about things?
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