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Default Re: Keenum starter for Jacksonville game

Originally Posted by Hervoyel View Post
Well, that's kind of the weird thing to me and the biggest indictment of Kubiak as HC in recent memory. He's trying to win games to save his job. We all get that. I think McNair gets that. I don't think wins are what saves Gary Kubiak if he is (or was prior to Sunday) able to save his ass. I think that sticking to Schaub, even if it provides us with a couple of extra ugly dysfunctional wins this year is a huge mistake. In this sense I think that McNair and the ticket buying public are on the same page. No one wants to see anymore safe and mostly ineffectual "Schaub-ball" with the Texans beating up on the weak sisters and crawling to a .500 record (which I know is no longer even possible). This isn't Gary's first couple of years where a late season rally to 8-8 will look like progress. That tack won't cut it in 2013.

Gary says he hasn't lost the locker room and I again accept that he sees it that way. What he doesn't seem to understand is that having a locker room full of guys who say the right things (because they're been trained to do so) and having a locker room full of guys who all like you isn't the same thing as having a locker room full of guys who are all with you. They can all be your friends and like you and one another while knowing that what you're doing isn't working. Just because a guy will buy you dinner and talk good about you on his radio show doesn't mean he's got your back professionally.

Gary would have gotten more mileage out of taking Keenum's playmaking ability (which neither Schaub nor Yates can really match) and just throwing out the rule book and setting that guy up to score points. I felt like at times against KC and against Indianapolis in the first half that was happening. I thought that against Arizona it looked like we tried to fit him more into the system we run (though I thought that had more to do with a lack of willingness on Dennison's part to be creative on his own apart from what Gary would have done) and I felt like against Oakland we literally tried to shove him into a "Matt Schaub" shaped hole (ok, bad round peg-square hole attempt).

Our offense has looked best under Keenum when it looked nothing like what Matt was doing but that requires Gary to be outside of his comfort zone and he just doesn't seem willing to do that.

Gary had a chance I thought to come back if he'd shown growth. If the team had gone through this brutal season and transformed in the process to a different kind of offense that was exciting and unpredictable. Wins would have been nice but I don't even think that wins would have been necessary. I think if he'd made the offense change to fit Case and feature Case then he could have fallen back on "Well, we lost so many guys but the silver lining is that we found a way to do things differently in the process" and people would have accepted it.

Remember how bad Richard Smith's defense was up until that one year when everyone knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was gone as soon as the season was over. Then out of nowhere with no other options he turned that ****ty 4-3 of his into a fierce, attacking, swarming monster for like 5 games. Anyone else remember that? Everyone thought they'd turned the corner and he'd finally worked it out but not really. He was just desperate and saving his job and he didn't learn anything from that. He went right back into the never ending Prevent-turtle defense the next year and he was eventually fired.

Gary needed to come out taking chances and he can't make himself do it or stick to it for very long because it's outside of his being to do that. That's why he'll be gone.
See though, the bolded is where i just disagree. It looks different b/c of how we've been scoring as of late......but different doesn't translate to better.

Everyone, including myself, thought that we just needed to go deep stop teams from sitting on the short stuff. Well, we've been doing that with Keenum & we still can't score a damn TD in the 2nd half of games. What's more is that it appears we've made a bad situation worse. The o-line is playing as bad as they've ever played since we've tried to emulate air-coryell.

The other thing is, early in the season the offense had 2 hellified explosive halfs against SD and Tenn where we looked just about unstoppable.....and that was with Schaub. Sure, we weren't going deep but we were moving the ball pretty much at will. & just like now, we had the same set of issues. We didn't run the ball well, our o-line had trouble in pass pro, our ST's was still trash and our defense wasn't exactly doing much either. We've seen that in the past with Schaub and this offense where they just get on a roll. I mean what has happened to this offense over the last 2 years?

My personal opinion is that the offense has just gotten stale & outdated. It's no longer viable to run it as an offense on its own....much like the run & shoot. Parts of it for sure can continue to be utlized, but running it's dead. I mean, you're starting to hear grumblings out of Washington from RG3 about how teams are keying in on their predictability.....& they have a premium talent at the qb position. I don't think it's a coincidence that the 2 teams run virtually the same offense.
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