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Default Re: The All Encompassing FIRE KUBIAK & REPLACEMENT thread II

What some of us were saying years ago.

Originally Posted by mussop View Post
Good points made in this thread from the pink soapers

consistently see too many opportunities to do the little things winning teams do, that we don't do. Like pick up additional yardage with 8 seconds on the clock and 1 timeout. Or try to get the ball to your best player inside the 10 yard line, not have him block on a play most saw coming.

4 years is long enough for someone to turn a team into a winner. Kubiak has failed to do so and other coaches have done it quicker and with no more to work with than Kubiak has had.

Kubiak's problem is he is too loyal to players and coaches that suck. Myers should be gone. Richard Smith should have been gone after his first season. Weaver was kept around too long. Chris Brown still sucks.

Cowher says he won't talk to any teams that still have a coach.

we are 1-5 in or division this year, and we got the 1 win against a team that was starting an 0-6 run. Kubiak has built a team whose achilles heel is the teams in its own division.

Every D in the league knows Schaub can only audible to run he doesn't audible.

McNair gave Dom Capers the boot as his head coach after four playoff-less seasons, and Kubiak now deserves the exact same treatment. Despite having some of the most gifted players in the league at several positions, the Texans lack heart, killer instinct and the know-how to win. If that's not a reflection on a head coach's leadership, what pray tell is?

Why wait until the end of the season? Getting the new guy, now, can get his feet onto the ground and with the players before the season is done.
four years without one winning season is failure.

do we hope Kubiak pulls it together next season and give him another year? And, if we do give him another year and he doesn't pull it off, we'll fire him, but that would put us a year behind where we COULD HAVE BEEN had we fired him THIS year.

Miami, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, I could go on. Teams can switch coaches and immediately make the playoffs.

am not for firing Kubiak just to fire him. it has to be an upgrade and this is the year for hiring a top head coach.

are you really going to bring Kubiak back as a lame duck coach without a contract or God forbid, re-sign him to an extension?

All of the stupid mistakes are on those coaches as much as the players.

Is it out of the question to think a new coach, with different strengths and weaknesses, might correct some of the long running problems with this team while building on the foundation Kubiak has put in place?

The team is getting better and better each year...the bad thing is the losses are more heartbreaking because the team is getting better and better.
Kubiak has only managed to beat Capers best record by one 3 years. For a guy who has brought the team so far he sure does have a crappy record.

Given the Jekyll / Hyde of this team this team has shown from one half to the next in every game this year (w/ poss. exception of Bengals) one of two things must be true. Either: A) Kubiak & Co. performed miracles keepng us tied / ahead in games we had no business being in. or.. B) We are really as talented as we looked in the "good" half and the other half was so dreadfully coached, executed, etc. that it was painful to watch.

2009 - Week 13 - 5-7
2008 - Week 13 - 5-7
2007 - Week 13 - 5-7

At the end of the season, you are what your record says you are. When it's obvious that the talent has improved, but the record stays the same...who do you blame?

If this "improved" team finishes 8-8 next year, do you give Kubiak a new contract or let him go?

But can anybody really argue that Kubiak himself has improved? Does anyone yet have any confidence in Kubiak's clock management? Does anyone yet have any confidence in his game preparation? Does anybody yet have any confidence in his ability to make in-game adjustments? Does anybody yet have any confidence that, when the game is on the line, Kubiak will make the right decisions?

The team has improved under Kubiak. The Texans have better, more talented personnel. They're no longer the abomination of a team that they were pre-Kubiak.

But Kubiak is still making the same mistakes he made in his first season. If he's not going to get any better at his job, then why should he be kept around to drag the team down?

these are the teams that haven't made the playoffs since 2002. There's always next year!

Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans

Why assume that a replacement can't be found? Is it a complete lack of confidence in Bob McNair's ability to attract a competent and proven head coach? The reasoning that Kubiak should stay because the Texans are unable to bring in a quality coach is depressing. I guess I have more optimism. Maybe that's unfounded, but you can't fire the owner.
44 Kubiak coached games and absolutely zero big wins.

inability to win an important game or have more than 5 wins before week 14 in 3 years and 48 regular season games.

they come out of the bye with the idea that Chris Brown is their best option at HB... Moats looked great at Indy and today yet he couldn't get touches even with Slaton sidelined.

In the off-season, they inexplicably don't address the safety position. So, they are content with Barber, Wilson, and Ferguson as primary backup. We had cap room and also players like Sean Jones available for almost nothing.

still haven't figured out that our current group of OLmen can't run the zone scheme every freakin' play!

Why on earth is Kyle Shanahan more qualified to call plays than Matt Schaub? Schaub's intelligent and knows what he's doing. Instead, they continue to handcuff him.

Richard Smith lasted 3 seasons! that's too long. If you're working with a guy every day for years, it shouldn't take 3 years to realize he's a moron!
Inconsistency with teams are the head coach's responsibility, plain and simple.

What I don't get is, this team can't handle pressure of expectations. If Kubiak comes back next year, do they know how much pressure they will be under? It's going to be insane. If Gary even blinks wrong the fans are going to kill him.

One thing is for certain: It would be difficult to bring in any new assistants, when they know Kubiak is in his last season. So, McNair had better hope none of his assistants decide to retire (like Alex Gibbs) or move on to other club (like baby Shanny following his dad somewhere). It would also be difficult to sign a top free agent, when the coaching situation is unstabilized.

years is a long time period in the NFL. The average NFL career is less than 4 years. Most NFL player contracts are 4 years or less. A team has to be built in less than 4 years, or the players you are building around will be gone. That's just the reality that is the NFL. Great organizations realize this and constantly reload their talent. While winning.

What good is a top 10 YPG offense if it cnt score when the game is on the line?

McDaniels will accomplish something in his first season that Kubiak has failed to in four. It's about results. It's about performance. No one has to judge Kubiak on potential, like a draft prospect. Kubiak has a 4 year track record. And that record clearly show that he has not gotten the job done.
The coach also has to play the players who give them the best opportunity to win. Not take our best player off the field in crunch time like the 1st Jags game and Cardinals game. It would also help if we stopped forcing a square peg into a round hole (I.E. everything having to do with Chris Brown this season. MAYBE our 4th best RB?)

Chris Brown doesn't give us the best chance to win, yet we gave him the ball in crucial situations that contributed to 3 of our losses. That's on the coach for not getting the ball to a better player (like maybe that Andre Johnson guy?)

Lets not forget that we didn't sign Pollard until week 3 when our safety play was some of the worst in NFL history...
You know, it's the same thing EVERY year. We pick up rather meaningless wins in meaningless December games. I don't care that we won this game by 27 points. It doesn't really matter. I'm watching to see if the problems that we have been suffering from all season are getting worked out. And they aren't.

I watch other football teams, that can actually run the ball when they need to. Teams that have balance in their offense. We don't have that. Sure we can beat a 5-7 Seattle team that is injury riddled, and really just bad in almost every facet of the game. But when it comes to beating our division opponents, or just games that we need to win PERIOD, we fail using the same formula almost every time.

But thereís no doubt that Texans offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will join his father Mike, probably in Washington when he returns to coaching next year. Kyle is a very bright coach who will be his fatherís offensive coordinator.

Couldn't agree more, in fact, I feel what we saw today was just a continuation of the same old BS. The offense failed to play 4 quarters of football. If our competition had continued to play, we'd have probably seen the typical fold by our team at the end of the game.

Who the hell let's the foot off the gas in the second half like that seriously.. put them away keep your foot on the gas and keep going. Another playing not to lose half by Gary Kubiak, signed by Gary Kubiak..

The Texans are 7-25 against teams with winning records in the Kubiak era.
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