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Default Re: Doppelganger's Kneejerk Mock-3

Originally Posted by Doppelganger View Post

Let that sink in for a moment. This team is 2-7. With that in mind, its time for yet another knee jerk mock.

1. Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M, 6'5, 305lbs
Newton has shown he is not capable of being a starter at RT. Simply put he has been an unmitigated disaster. I am not taking Matthews simply because the team desperately needs a RT(they do), but because I honestly think he is the BPA at this point in the draft. If Case is the guy, the best move for the team is to get someone who can give him time to throw. Considering teams have passrushers coming from all angles, it is almost necessary to have 2 LTs to protect the QB. Matthews makes a ton of sense and it would be great to have another Matthews protecting an Htown QB. I am sure I don't have to outline his bloodlines, but if I must: Father(Bruce), Uncle (Clay Jr.), cousin (Clay III), cousin (Casey). Nuff said. He starts Day 1 and immediately improves the line.

2. Trent Murphy, OLB, Stanford, 6'6 261lbs
I have no clue if the Texans play a 4-3 or 3-4 next year. I would seriously consider some 4-4. With that in mind, Murphy fits any of the schemes. He is a big strong and fast OLB prospect. He has been a force on the somewhat underrated Stanford Defense. This move actually improves two positions. In a 3-4, it would move Reed back inside next to Cush and allow the bigger more athletic Murphy to play at the strongside. In a 4-3, I would actually move into a 4-4 and have Reed next to Cush in the middle with Murphy on the SOLB slot. This would allow the Texans to better protect against the middle and TEs/runs with an athletic linebacker rather than an additional safety.

3. David Yankey, G/OT, Stanford, 6'5, 311lbs
We go back to Stanford and grab David Yankey. He, like Quiz, has the skills to play at OT or OG, though I think his best place is at OG. With Smith on the way out, there are 2 OG spots available. Quiz, Brooks, Jones, and Yankey would compete for them. Based on what I have seen from Quiz, I think he could win one of the spots and I wouldn't be surprised to see Yankey get the other. Brooks has merely been ok and may be a better swing OG. Imagine this OL for Case:

I know it would be strange to have 2 new OL on the team as rooks, but Matthews is very polished and much better than Newton. Yankey is as good or not better than Brooks/Jones.

4. Keith Price, QB, Washington, 6'1, 195lbs
I think Schaub is cut after the year. Yates sees the writing on the wall and goes elsewhere. He will not get a shot to be a starter in Htown and I think another team will give him that chance.The Texans will likely sign a journeymen vet to be the primary backup to Keenum (such as a John Beck like QB.) That said, the team could still use more help. I would choose Price. Price is also a formidable QB prospect. He has dramatically improved as a passer. His accuracy, footwork, and arm look much better than last year. He also has good mobility. Unlike last year he is beginning to use his mobility not to run, run, run, but to move around to buy his receivers time. He is not ready to start, but he has the makings of a very interesting developmental backup. He has a lot of similarities to Case and in some ways Russel Wilson.

5. Wayne Lyons, CB, Stanford , 6'1, 193lbs.
I know. I know. I know. I know I probably shouldn't do it, but I am going back to Stanford one more time. Lyons is a smart, physical player.He was highly recruited out of highschool, but ultimately broke his foot in his freshman year. Last year he was a rotational player. He has been having some good games this year. He has a great combination of speed and size. He is a physical defender who is also smart enough to play zone. He could also begin play as a physical and tough ST player.

6. Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin, 5'11, 248 lbs
Not Al, not Cal, but Chris is a great looking secondary ILB prospect. He is a run stopping monster who is able to stay healthy. One of the knocks on Sharpton and DObbins is an inability to stay healthy. Borland has been able to maintain health and has been a big part of the Badger defense. Some say he may be too small or too short, but this guy is a football player and loves the game. He has gotten better year after year. I am not saying that he is the next Zach Thomas, but he has that same kind of profile: smaller, hard working ILB who always seems to be making plays. Would start on Special Teams and bring some toughness and tackling ability to the group.

7. Tyler Evans, OG, Oklahoma, 6'5, 315lbs.
You can never have enough good OL in this league. He tore his ACL in 2012 and missed the whole 2012 season. He has slowly been rehabbing and getting back in shape. Prior to the ACL injury, he was an All-Big XII honorable mention in 2011 and had a good job in 2012. He was able to run block, pass protect, laterally move, and get to the next level. Without the injury and fully missed year and a half he probably would have been a 3rd rounder at worst. Due to the injury he falls all the way to the 7th. I'll take a chance on him here.
This is simply, too good to be true!

Yankey is easily the best LG in College Football, much more polished than Kyle Long who went #20 last year to da Bears, so its conceivable you have three first round picks!

Like your pick of Price in 4th. My thinking as well, just has that whole Seattle Russel Wilson buzz about him. Just not AS athletically gifted or football intelligent, similar tools to mold around.

Why not go back to Stanford twice, I did it (Hogan & Montgomery)

Good value with Borland late, fills a need & could be good enough to start if health checks out.

I get what your saying about OL. But you killed it already with Yankey, plus I really don't want a repeat of the Brennan Williams experiment. Another position like Retuner/WR/CB/TE/DT would be more warranted.

A dream come true kneejerk dopplemock!

2012 Draft was Mercilus
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