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Default Re: BL 2014 Mid-Season Mock

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
C'mon guys, y'all know Texans will win enough games with weak schedule going forward to finish outside top 10 picks looking in (13th). Still can enhance roster deficiency, linebacker corps while Case Keenum proves he has the "right stuff".

1st - Kahali Mack, Buffalo, OLB/ILB, 6026 248

Physical prototype with a combination of excellent size and overall athleticism for the position. Can bend the edge or slip though seams to make plays, plus in coverages, could fill inside linebacker role next to Brian Cushing. Natural instincts, NFL body, exceptional change of direction, quick feet & unstoppable motor really beefing up nicked up Texan LB corps. I see him becoming a special player in the league, fitting nicely into Texans needs & locker room.

2nd - Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington, TE, 6060 266

NFL size, athletic ability & soft hands. On my draft board he is a top 50 pick for sure so picking 41st-44 overall he should be in Kubiak wheelhouse. TE production should be much improved in this offense he gives Keenum another legit weapon, really wanted Vance McDonald out of Rice last year, he went off the board two picks before Texans selected last year. Austin is even better athlete, more big play capability would be a great improvement offensively.

3rd - Sean Hickey, Syracuse, OT, 6050 291

Strong, quick, smart, hard working LT who replaced Justin Pugh drafted by Giants 1st rd. #19th overall. Has proven ability to recover from injury's including torn acl important because we all know each player reacts differently to adversity. He is now the strongest man on the team will work out exceptionally well @ combine, don't let his size discourage you, he can already lift 225 40 plus reps. I'm drafting attitude & need with this selection.

4th - Ryan Carrethers, Arkansas State, NT, 6020 332

Not just another big body @ 332 a trim lethal 332 with less than 16% body fat. Need enforcer inside to play nose, he was a state champion heavy weight wrestler, w/400-pound power clean, 664-pound squat and 400-pound incline bench press. He is a beast & hails from Derek Newton alma-mater. He has astounding 54 tackles, 5 TFL & 3.5 sacks for loss. Projected Chris Jones for Texans last year don't let another one slip out of sight.

5th - David Fales, San Jose State, QB, 6020 220

Next developmental signal caller behind Keenum as Gary must clear house, hopefully adding additional pick or two? Could develop into starting QB down the road once he learns system adequate back-up in case of injury. QB moves could clear plenty of cap space to extend JJ Watt, time to reshape position moving forward for Texans.

6th - Dri Archer, Kent State, RB-KR, 5080 173

Special teams must address return position, having better depth @ RB also important. Dri has speed of Holliday, has clocked electronically a 4.29 40-yard dash. Production on field as well running for 1,429 yards and 16 TDs, with a 9-yard average per carry. His average of 38.2 yards per kick return leads the country and his three kick-return touchdowns puts him in a tie for the most in Division I.

7th - Greg Blair, Cincinnati, ILB, 6010 252

Greg Blair has the potential to be a very solid inside linebacker for now I'll just take solid depth that is missing as well improved special teams player. Blair demonstrates above average ability in coverage and is a very intuitive run defender. His biggest strength comes in his ability to quickly and accurately read his keys and in his quick analysis and reaction to plays. This demonstrates Blairís high football IQ and coach ability. Texans traditionally take undrafted route but see how that is working, time to spend a pick to solidify weakest part of team.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about the mock.

1. What I like about Mack is that he can play in either a 3-4 or 4-3. Considering how bad the team is falling apart, there may be a whole new set of coaches next year. Having a pass rusher is the key to any defensive scheme. Mack would be a great addition to any type of team they put together.

2. Havent seen a ton from him, but my question is what is his speed like? If he is really 6'6 260 with great hands and speed, I can't imagine he last this long, he likely is a mid first. So, I guess my question is, what's the knock on him?

3. Really nice prospect with some injury concerns. Then again, if he didn't have injury concerns, he wouldn't be available in the third. I really like the choice, but my only fear is the Texans drafted a guy with injury concerns last year in Williams. Hate to see it happen again.

4. I love this selection. Whether you run a 4-3 or 3-4 having a trim widebody hard nosed DT would be fantastic. Especially iff the Texans go to a 4-3, he would immediately become JJ's best friend. I would actually consider him 1 round earlier only because wide body athletic guys tend to go a round or so earlier than talent based on size.

5. Not a fan of Fales. Have seen a few of his games and he just doesn't look like he has it. I don't like his decision making and to me that's one of the biggest aspects of being a QB.

6. I would enthusiastically sign off on Archer, IF and ONLY IF, Marciano is gone next year. If he isn't its a waste to draft this guy. Marciano will simply put him in bad position after bad position, cut him and he will do great somewhere else. Marciano has shown he has no clue how to handle ST anymore and I would rather not have him get anymore players.

7. One of the most underrated aspects of being a good ILB is intelligence and pattern recognition. If you know where the play is going, you can take a step or two there early and be there to make the play. Smarts and pattern recognition can hide certain speed and athletic abilities. That's why I love this pick and this idea.

Great mock as usual!

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