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Default Re: BADBOY'S Bye week mock

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
1). Wilfork was a better prospect than Nix & he lasted until 21st & he was my last week mock draft pick for Texans in 2004 selecting ironically 10th. Some how I see similar results & he winds up a Patriot. Athletic bigs just don't grow on trees, your boy Poe is now a force in KC, he was very raw & took a year to develop but now supports his #11 selection overall & we thought Texans might take him late first, now he has to be in Texan wheelhouse as the best prospect for his position available to fortify middle of Wade Phillips defense.

2). Smalltown has NFL body you look for as inside LB in NFL. His stock will soar by/during combine & will be the top rated player for his position so your mock projects Texans adding two of the best prospects in this draft respective positions that are a concern for Texans. Would be nothing short of a miracle if he lasts to Texans second round selection.

3). McCarron represents a full change of the QB position for Texans both Schaub & Yates gone, who would have thunk it? I like the prospect but don't wish for a QB controversy & McCarron comes with a big name & hot girlfriend, just saying. He also reminds me too much of a smaller version of Matt Schaub. I would like to see a more mobile, gifted athlete to develop behind Case. I've watched Washington a couple times & really impressed with Keith Price. Reminds me of Russel Wilson or maybe its just the Seattle air, but has a strong arm, can move in the pocket of take off with good leadership ability.

4). Do you really feel Dixon lasts until 4th rd? He has good size/range would love this pick, not the best but probably in top 5 available for position in this class, depending on underclassman, so once again you have pillaged the competition in your optimistic defensive mock draft.

5). Ja'Wuan James has all the measureables of one Brennan Williams without the injury bug so how could he last past the 3rd round? Tackle is a position that is in high demand, so many teams need help in this area. Newton starts out strong but then just seems to wear down. Duane Brown had similar issues as a rookie so maybe it's a combination of less polish from beginning as well as injurys that has slowed his development & conditioning but certainly I would be on the lookout to add another OT but just need to get one of these bad boys earlier, unless your happy with a less athletically gifted, lunch pale blue collar prospect like my current selection Austin Wentworth who should still be here this late.

6). Bennett is ranked about 8th best CB with his size, speed & skill set, once again a very good talent but much higher graded than position slotted. Very defensive heavy mock draft would add a lot of depth but no LB's yet. Let me guess last pick of the 7th round will be an ILB?

7). I have Marsh listed @ 6'3" 268. Another defensive end, decent speed, kinda like Sam caught in between positions. This is one pick who will probably still be available here but do you think Texans will take another tweener? I'm just not sure where he fits, probably more a 4-3 strong side DE.

Very defensive heavy, but no ILB addressed. Added backup QB & addressed OT to late for prospect selected so I would focus more on grades, seems we have plenty of needs which may support trading down as mentioned with a team who covets Nix, New England just might do it since Brady window is closing
As always appreciate feedback from a fellow Amigo! I think Wilfork set the world on fire and since him teams are more willing to draft a NT high. We did project that with Poe and hit on his ability. You know I have followed Nix for a while and see him as a plug and play at our Nose. Please see additional comments I made to Wolfe above. I almost went with OT Kouandjio and still might as remainder of season will offer info on our RT.

2. I think Christian Jones and AJ Johnson will go before Smallwood and good chance Skov may also to a 4-3 team. Two things to note: CJ Mosely plays Will in Bama's 3-4 and would be rated higher than Smallwood. 2nd as of 10/23/13 neither Brugler or Rang have an ILB going in first round. I don't doubt he will soar but hope we can get him at our high 2nd. If not prob will go back to my guy Andrew Jackson as I don't see any ILB that can cover. TBH I was not impressed with AJ Johnson.

3. I see AJ as a taller Keenum.

4&5 will probably have to select James in 4th which would be ok as I am okay with Manning and Swearinger.

Defensive mock with exception of OT and Qb which are our main needs on offense. I was tempted to go with Kouandjio and also WR Watkins as our firsts. K fills a need but hard to see Texans reaching that high for a tackle. Sammy Watkins would be pure greed on my part.

6. Not sure about your comment of no ILB with Smallwood at round two?
I want to be able to recognize the difference between a "want" and a "need" and then I want to be satisfied with getting a need
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