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I partially agree with Vinny in the fact that you have to start winning before you get the respect that you so desparately want, but I do understand how some in the media that have made comments about Houston not improving and having no play makers are ruffling feathers and are appearing that they have not done their homework. It wasn't just the injuries last year(although they were bad), according to the stats we and the Bills tied for having the toughest schedule in the NFL not just the AFC. In addition, it took us several games to realize that we had a 1000+ yard back setting on the sideline. Although Smith and Wade were not the flashiest of names on the free agent block this past off season, they are just what this team needed. When I hear comments by the media such as the ones that have been referenced here, I just smile and make sure I know where to send them an e-mail when the Texans prove them wrong.
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