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Default Carr not Quincy!

To hear some of our fans on the radio, many try to make the comparison of Carr to Quincy Carter! Not due to his being suspended because of drug abuse, but his development into the NFL, after three plus seasons. Houston fans, get a grip on Carr. It is really unbelievalbe to hear the way fans are upset at this guys development. Although Carr would be the last person to make excuses for his play, I will.

Year one: Expansion Team. No Boselli. No offensive weapons. No knowledge of the offense or the league as a whole. And a horrible offensive play book, due to all the mentioned items. You can only run but so many types of plays for the players we had!

Year Two: More weapons. BUT No Boselli. First Year Left Tackle. Young Offensive Weapons. Injury plagued, but showed tremendous leadership and guts! Better knowledge of the offense and the NFL, with an expanded playbook!

Year Three: Should see tremendous strides. Returning (10) Offensive starters. True offensive weapons in Johnson, Davis, Gaffney, and a core offensive line that has played together. Strong knowledge of the offense, and a huge playbook (Unless Peek had the offensive plays in his....LOL)!

Remember folks, David Carr is not Troy Aikman. He's not going to sit in the pocket and allow Hall of famers to make him look good. This kid has guts, talent, intelligence, and is more comparable to Favre (In attitude), being a gun-slinger. He's going to make mistakes by trying to beat teams with his athletic ability, but he is going to make even bigger plays to win games. Get a grip. He will develop into a mega-star in this league. WITH OR WITHOUT HOUSTON'S SUPPORT!
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