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Default Re: .. and it only took a quarter, so who's ready to eat crow?

Originally Posted by thunderkyss View Post
I don't know if took 1 qtr or 2... but I'd be surprised if Schaub ever starts for the Texans again.

But... for the next two weeks I'll be telling everyone that Matt will start after the bye if he's healthy. I'd tell Schaub he's my guy if he's healthy, but we're going to be extra cautious with his ankle/leg thing. I continue pushing Keenum as the starter in practice.

When asked, I'm telling them Matt's doing well, he's likely to start, he could have practiced, but we're "going to be smart"

For two weeks. Then day of the game, Schaub is going on IR.

I say this as a guy that thinks Keenum was pretty good in his first game. But he didn't light it up like I would have liked to have seen to name him the starter. I say this, knowing I did not get the spark I was looking for from my running game, or my defense that I was hoping he would provide. I say this knowing that I said the one thing he could not do was fumble the ball when he gets sacked... that one in particular was no different than the Matt Schaub pick 6 at the end of the Raven's game in OT a couple of years ago.

But on that third & three play that turned into the DeAndre Hopkins TD.... I think Kubiak has already made up his mind. I'm not going to say that the play book was more expansive than with Schaub like they're saying on the radio, but the strategy has definitely changed for the better. Kubiak hasn't taken that risk with Schaub in a long time, not that I can remember..... I could very well be wrong, but I know I was not expecting a shot into the end zone in that situation.

& people might not like it, but I'll say it. Schaub is the better QB right now, it's not even close. But Case gives you a better chance to win... & it's not even close.

I think Keenum earned the right to prove he can be a starter, but he's not a legit starter. Keep in mind, I don't think Kaepernick, Luck, Weeden, or Sanchez are starters either.

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