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Default Re: Coaching Leadership, would like to see it

Originally Posted by Fred View Post
How could we possibly know? How about almost a half season of sub par play in regular season / playoff games?

T.J. Yates Career Regular Season + Playoffs
Comp Att Comp % Yards TDs INT Rating
129 . 221 . 58% . 1443 . 4 . 9 . 67

Christian Freaking Ponder 2012 Season
Comp Att Comp % Yards TDs INT Rating
300 . 483 . 62% . 2935 . 18 . 12 . 81

Yates 221 attempts - almost half a season for a "game manager" offense (221 is 46% of Ponder's 483 attempts in 2012) for a QB rating of 67. Significantly worst than, well, Christian F. Ponder! (I am trying to set the bar pretty low!) Clearly this is Schaub's worst year by far, his QB rating is 79 (14 points below his career average) and a healthy Yates can't even touch that!

You say both have earned a shot. Yates has had a pretty good shot (half a season). Do the Texans have to burn another season and a half to be sure he is worse than, well Christian F. Ponder?!?! Then two years on Keenum, so if he is no better they shouldn't draft a QB until the 2017 draft because they "deserve" a shot?

Neither one deserves anything! Yates has had a shot, he blew it. I say give Keenum a shot, not because he "deserves" anything but because Yates and Schaub have failed and we have no one else. As I said in a previous post, Keenum probably will not be better than Ponder, but he is the only person on the roster with a chance.

You never said that? Then someone hacked your account:

Some fans want Schaub, some Yates, some Keenum, some bring in someone else - so no matter who Kubiak starts he is showing a lack of leadership and folding to ignorant fan pressure. I am not a Case fan, I am a Texan fan. I agree with you, if I was Case's agent or mother I would want the situation you describe and I wouldn't care that the team took another loss in the meantime.

Meh, sometimes. Maybe Keenum is butt fumbling in practice every day and the fans don't see that. But some coaches (think KUBIAK) can be myopic and the "fans" actually have a better view of the big picture.

What nonsense, although Kubiak's "Schaub until I die" stance does back you up. Any non-myopic coach would have benched Schaub at the half in SF and had a week to decide if Yates or Keenum started against the Rams. If the starter flopped, he could switch to the other one after the bye or even go back to Schaub (tanned, rested, and ready!)

I think the strategy of only starting guys who have proven to be inept will hasten the date of mathematical elimination from the playoffs but I don't think that should be an objective.

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but starting QB and backup QB are different jobs. A reasonable argument can be made that Yates was more appropriate for the backup job, but Keenum is more appropriate for the starting job.

A big part of the reason Cleveland won 3 games was they did the right thing. (They lost this week because their "#3" was injured and they had to revert to "#1"). Not making the correct move because you are afraid someone will think you panicked is truly caving in to the opinion of the masses. Obviously Cleveland made the correct move, but you are still saying it was a bad move because even though they won on the field they were criticized off the field.

And it's not the last move, especially with Schaub being injured. If Schaub recovers, he can be brought back at any time the other QBs performance per game is worse than two INTs (one a pick 6).
1st of all, they won 2 games with Hoyer..the 3rd game against Buffalo when he got injured halfway through the 1st quarter, Weeden came in and played the rest of that game..In any event, it's hardly a substantial body of work to determine that making the move to Hoyer was the right move. The other end of that is the move back to Weeden was only made b/c Hoyer got hurt...not the same situation.

And hate to break it to you, but making the move to Keenum is the last move he can make....the last new move to give this team the proverbial "spark" everyone wants anyway. People want Schaub benched b/c he's not playing well....Ok, bring in Yates...he doesn't play well & people want him benched....Ok, bring in Keenum...what move are you gonna make if he plays just as bad or worse than the 2 prior to him? What, you're gonna go back to 1 of the other 2 bad qb's you benched him for & promise "this time it's gonna be different!" yeah, i'm not taking you seriously as player at that point...if i didn't stop taking you serious prior to that.

It's the very reason why coaches are so hesitant to make qb changes during the season unless they have the clear heir apparent on the sidelines...& those guys usually are 1st-2nd round draft picks the team took the year prior. & sorry to break it to you guys but Keenum isn't in that category, he's just the alternative fans are grasping for straws at b/c they haven't seen him play in the regular season yet..

I'm gonna dismiss the numbers you put for Yates..he was a rookie & all things considered he performed admirably. Last week, he was put in a bad situation.

The comparisons to Christian Ponder.....Hey, that's what happens when teams get film on you. Ponder started out great last year....If i recall, he didn't throw an int for the 1st 3 games. teams got film on him, started figuring out his tendencies, game, set, match. It happens to every qb in this league....& it will happen to Keenum. Ultimately i'm not confident he'll be able to sustain any good play for the long haul.

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