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Angry ESPNs Mike&Mike on the Texans

I caught ESPNs Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg this morning going thru a preseason run down of teams (2 teams per day...that type of thing). They had a phone interview with Charlie Casserly as well, CC mainly outlined the changes and updates on the defensive side of the ball.

When it came down to prediction time Golic and Grennie both basically said the Texans would be lucky to get 5 wins this year. They made the case that we haven't picked up big time free agents to help out the "struggling team". They also made the statement that we had no playmakers on offense.

I was pretty surprised at this...normally Golic in particular is a pretty down to earth commentator that is pretty accurate. I was pretty dissapointed on looked like they were just using this as filler to get to something else and put no effort in looking into the situation in Houston.
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