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nope. If T. Suggs can do it, I expect Babin to do it too. We could have drafted 3 other defensive players to help (Starks, Schoebel, LaBoy) but Tenn. took 2 of those 3 with our picks. If Babin gets his *** handed to him on a regular basis, then we made a bad call. Save your "Schoebel is out for a long time" responses too. You are the same people who went out and bought Joppru jerseys. You can't forsee a training camp injury before the draft. Babin was a first rounder, and I expect him to play accordingly. Not unrealistic.
It is very unrealistic to expect Babin to be superstar this year. Geez, for crying out loud, we got him late in the 1st round, you act like we got him in the top 10. Call me in three years to find out if Babin was a mistake. It's well known that 3-4 linebackers take time to season, Babin should be no exception. Suggs played part time and was a situational rusher. Babin gets the start from the get go and has a lot more responsibilities. Sure it may take him a bit, but he will probably be worth more than Weary, Wells, Hill, Joppru, get the point.

You are probably just all mad that you still have your Boselli jersey.
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