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Default Re: All Encompassing Matt Schaub Thread

Originally Posted by powda View Post
At the end of last season there was a lot of infighting here about the merits of Schaub. People fought tooth and nail over it. Nobody wants to say I told you so yet, but some of us spotted the iceberg ahead last december. Some of us picked it out a LOT farther back. Now we're inseason and there's nothing to do but sit it out and watch the boat go down.

Everything I ever said about Romo to cowboy fans is true of schaub. Collapses underpressure. I still dont understand how you run a bootleg offense with a qb who cant run.

And I dont blame kubiak for not allowing audibles. We've seen schaub's decision making skills. I blame kubiak for not having the sack to bring in legit competition for schaub. Here's the next bad news: schaubs not going to recover and we'll draft a rookie...and that rookie wont start until next season is lost. Because kubiak is to conservative to start a rookie qb. This aint over till november '14. Captain ******** pick 6 is gonna be here.
So finally the truth comes out. This is really all about "I saw it first" "I saw it years ago" and not really about 1 play right? in 2012 when the Texans started fast, all of the Schaub haters had to bite their tongues. Now that the Texans have started slow, here comes the same old song and dance of "I told you so" 4 games in and you guys have already determined the Texans fate. Hilarious!

Originally Posted by Texan_Bill View Post
WOW!! Just wow!!

HATE??? Really? Maybe you should look up the definition of "hate".

Angry? Yes! Disappointed? YES!!!! Ready to move on? Sure...

BUT HATE?? Seek help for your cranial-anal inversion syndrome!

Originally Posted by Corrosion View Post
I think they need some new doctors .... seems they've made a lot of mistakes.

A healthy Schaub - the guy we saw between 2009 to the point in 2011 where he went down , I would have been comfortable giving an extension , this broken version .... not so much.

Hindsight is always 20/20 ......
What i want to know is, why is it that all of the professional people who work in the field are all crazy, and you and others are the experts? How is it that something that is so obvious to you, escapes medical professionals? Must be some kind of conspiracy right? Your arrogance is mind numbing.

Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
That's kind of where I was coming from. I'm not a doctor. I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But it's pretty obvious to me the Texans aren't receiving the best medical advice they could. Who makes the call on the team physician anyway? McNair?

I've felt that Schaub's extension was unnecessary. Yes, he would have been a free agent in the 2013 offseason. But, I think the market would have been limited and no other team would have given him such a long term deal. Was Schaub better than several QBs on other teams? Yes. That doesn't mean these teams would have committed to him long term. Schaub should have gotten something above the deal Carson Palmer received from Arizona (3 years, $26 million, $10 mil guaranteed). Not the $29 million guaranteed he picked up for what will likely be two years of work.

I hate to describe posters as "supporters". But I would like to ask a few questions to those who believe that Schaub should remain at QB. What makes you think that Schaub will get better? I want to believe. I saw hope in the Seahawk game. And then came the lay down sacks and the pick six. I don't see a spark and I don't see anything getting better. Do you wait until the Texans are out of contention before making a move? So you wait until they go sub .500 (which could be Sunday). What will it take for you to want to see a change at QB?
Hahaha... Love the Holiday Inn Express stuff. That was side splitting. As to the rest of your post, I hope you read my answer above. Leave those decisions to people who went to medical school and get paid to provide such advice. It's more likely that Matt Schaub threw a pick 6 because he did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express the night before the game than because of his injury 2 years ago. It was simply a bad play call, and even worse execution of a doomed play. But it was just 1 play in an otherwise great game by Schaub. Get over it.

In answer to your question. I watched Schaub now play like an elite QB in the 2nd half of the Chargers game, the 4th quarter of the Titans game he imposed his will on a really good defense, and there was this most recent game where he was carving up the NFL's #1 ranked D like it was child's play. But all any of you can do is focus on 1 stupid play, and ignore the rest. This is simply illogical. The whole team just needs to play all 4 quarters, which they have failed to do so far.

Ok so lay down sacks and Pick 6. You cannot have it both ways. Lay down sacks are a far better result than a pick 6, and had there been a lay down sack in that situation, the Texans most likely would have won that game. So it seems to me that you all want Schaub to be perfect. Never make a mistake, and even then you would find something to criticize him about. Mental errors from the entire team is what lost that game, not the pick 6 in the final minutes of regulation.

Do you wait until you are out of contention before making a move? Of course not, but there are other moves to be made first before you throw you whole season away on a hope and a prayer, such as fixing the protection issues, better play calling, better scouting, fewer penalties, etc, etc.

Originally Posted by Corrosion View Post
And you don't think throwing the ball in that situation was going for the jugular ?! It surely wasn't a conservative call .... the conservative thing to do in that situation is call a run play and if you fail to convert let your punter do his job and give your defense a long field to defend.

As for a more attacking offense .... Schaub cant seem to execute this simple offense and doesn't have the arm to make the type of downfield throws ... but hey , lets open it up like Aaron Rodgers us in a Texans uniform ..... Come On Breh .....
Really? What was Schaub doing in the first half? Were my eyes playing tricks on me or something?
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