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Default Re: WolverineFan's 1st 2014 Mock

Originally Posted by WolverineFan View Post
1. Brett Hundley - QB, UCLA

- The need here is obvious. We need to find a franchise QB and this should be the year to do it. QB is deep with quality starters this year so we need to strike now. Hundley is raw, but he's a very intelligent young man who beat out 2 seniors for the starting job as a redshirt freshman. He's a true dual-threat because he's not a scrambler who can throw, but a passer who can run. I think that's an important dynamic to wrap your head around. He's also a perfect fit in the play-action bootleg offense. I hate the idea of starting him as a rookie, but if this is what we have to do to move on from the Matt Schaub ear then so be it.

2. Kyle Fuller - CB, Virginia Tech

- A CB so early you say? Yes, I do. Itís no secret that we get shredded by any team with a competent QB. And the reason is because we have no depth in the secondary. Sure our starting CBís are capable(ish), but our depth CBís leave a lot to be desired. Fuller is a 4-year starter who has played CB, slot CB, S, box S, and Rover LB. Heís an excellent cover man who will come up and make a hit and also excels on special teams. Whoever grabs this guy is getting a jack-of-all trades who is really good at everything and bad at nothing. He could immediately start at slot CB and push the useless Brandon Harris off the roster. He could also become our #2 CB if we do not re-sign Kareem Jackson in 2 years.

3. Shayne Skov - ILB, Stanford

- This guy is a very, very intelligent young man who is also an absolute animal made in the Brian Cushing mold. I love his aggressiveness and his passion. He can defend the run or attack on the blitz. He needs to work some on coverage, but with Cushing already in the fold he would probably come off the field on 3rd down so thatís okay. In my mind, heís a carbon copy of Cushing coming out and would be a sure-fire 1st round pick if he had not torn his ACL 2 years ago. He could start at the other ILB position alongside Cushing and even back up Cush in Nickel packages. This guy had superstar written all over him before his injury, if he regains that form watch out.

4. Tre Boston - S, North Carolina

- Another DB? Yes, another DB. Boston can play both CB and S, which would make him a valuable asset to teams that play a lot of Nickel (like us). Tre is a great athlete that has the size to match-up with TEís and the speed to cover WRís. As I stated before, itís no secret we have no depth in the secondary. This really needs to be addressed. I see Boston replacing Eddie Pleasant on the roster as Danieal Manningís backup.

5. Austin Wentworth - OT, Fresno State

- You waited this long to address OL? WellÖ.yeah. I thought other positions had earned some priority. As it stands we have 2 Pro-Bowl guys who will be back next year (Brown & Myers) and 2 youngsters who look very promising (Brooks & Quessenberry). The rest is all question marks. Newton shows flashes and then plays horrible for stretches. Williams has a ton of potential but is never healthy. Jones seems like nothing more than a depth player at this point. Wentworth is a very experienced guy who will have over 40 starts under his belt by seasonís end. He was also on the Lombardi and Outland Award watch lists. He has spent 2 years protecting Derek Carrís blind-side, to record setting affect. Iím not saying he will become a star, but take those high-potential guys (Newton & Williams) and throw a solid player into the mix with them and see what happens.

6. Dri Archer - RB/WR/KR, Kent State

- Trindon Holliday Jr.? No, not quite. Then Darren Sproles Jr.? Well, not exactly. Heís actually a mix of both. He is what Kubiak wanted Holliday to be. An explosive kick returner who can play a dynamic role on offense as a change of pace RB and slot WR. Heís not as explosive as Holliday in the return game or as dynamic as Sproles on offense. However, he brings a great mix of both. He could be a much more dynamic weapon that Keshawn Martin has been so far. While I like Martin, you put both these guys in the same position and Martin is riding pine. Archer could be a huge weapon for our disappointing special teams and a dynamic threat on offense.

7. Caleb Lavey - ILB, Oklahoma State

- Seeing as how Brian Cushing and Justin Tuggle are our only ILBís under contract next season, I think itís smart to double up here. Darryl Sharpton sucks and should not be re-signed. Joe Mays seems like a veteran stop-gap, which makes Dobbins expendable. Iíve been a big fan of Laveyís for years now. He is a great athlete, especially for his size. Heís a guy who can really run sideline to sideline and make plays. He can also play special teams. With how rundown our LB depth has become, I think itís important to have young guys like Lavey who can contribute in other phases of the game while they develop.
Enjoyed the read but please explain Smith giving up on MS? Just do not see it as of today unless Schaub has a panic attack & is admitted to Harris County Psych. Also, I think Kubes is grooming Keenum for starter. I had McCarron in first until Monday.

1. Hundley is currently rated top 5 player. You think he will fall that far?
2. I am down with CB, the issue I have with Fuller is like KJ his first two seasons, if WR gets a step, fuller is out of position. Good thing is with more spot light on Fuller now, we should get good eval.
3. I was big fan of Skov last season and we (3 Amigos) had a lot of discussion about him before he returned to school. IIRC, there was some talk about his not going " full motor". He did lead team in 2010 tackles despite missing two game to injury but missed rest of 2011 due to knee injury in game three. He also was suspended first game 2012 due to DUI. I know he has virtually no lateral ability and the ACL will only make it worse. I am okay with a pure ILB & think I can get Andrew Jackson in 4th.

4. I really like Boston despite his detractors & had him on my board before going different direction. Here is a good if lengthy bio you might like.

I could be satisfied with your mock but we have to upgrade Oline with either better play from a healthier Newton who has some minor injuries or someone. We have seen little of Q (I am big fan & was one of first saying he was an OG) and none of Williams whom I mocked in third round. If we depend on them, we better get production.
I want to be able to recognize the difference between a "want" and a "need" and then I want to be satisfied with getting a need
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