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Default Re: What's up with Brooks Reed?

Originally Posted by b0ng View Post
Fluker was really slow in pass protection during the preseason. The Chargers grabbed him because he's a monster run blocker (But drafting a RT at like 10 or 12 or whatever seems really stupid).

I'll say this about the game last night: For whatever reason after the Chargers went up 28-7 they pretty much stopped utilizing their deep passing game, which was pretty brutal for the first 2 and a half quarters of the game. They switched to short dinky stuff that had the ball out of Rivers's hands in about 2 seconds or less, which makes it almost impossible to get a sack or even a good pass disruption. The thing is, Joseph and Kareem can cover guys for just 1 or 2 seconds, those two get in trouble when we go all out blitzing and are left on an island for 3 or 4 or even 5 seconds. The first half it looked like the Texans pass rush was getting stoned and Rivers could pick where he wanted to go, but the second half there was no real long ball threats and they went with all short crap. They also pretty much abandoned Ryan Matthews who was actually looking not bad in the first half and decided the second half offense was going to run through Eddie Royal (Another bad decision).

The only thing that worries me is that we're not going to go up against panty waste coaches who are going to dial up such silly adjustments because they are up so big every week. I know there was some chatter that Wade switched to more zone concepts with his schemes in the second half, and they did seem to be more effective than blitz/man over and over again, but the Chargers are not sporting a great OL. King Dunlap is probably the worst LT the Texans will get to face all year, and DJ Fluker was a rookie playing in his first game. Jeromey Clary is awful as a G, and Hardwick and Rhineheart are journeymen at best. I think with a line that bad you should be able to blitz your 2012 DPOY and your 2009 DROY (x2) and have some good outcomes with that.

I would say that Cush was our best LB last night (by like a hair, cause Mays was actually stopping some running plays in the first half) then Mercilus then Reed but neither of the OLB's wow'ed me with anything they did. I think Locker is a terrible QB though and he is prone to making even more boneheaded plays than Phillip Rivers, so our LB's should have some more opportunities to make plays. Hopefully Ninja coming back will give us some more energy on the line.
You make some good points but how in the world is a former pro bowl center who has spent 9 years with his only team a journeyman at best? Granted he's a "probowler" in the same sense that Wade Smith is but still.

Strange first post I know..Im coming from different Texans boards which I couldnt stand anymore. The negativity here is nothing in comparison, I like it already.
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