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Originally Posted by keyfro
some of ya'll, i.e. CaptainPatriot, seem to want to deal out the punishment yourselves...even against your own player in ty law...which i find funny seeing how many years he's devoted himself to the new england patriots...not everything is as black and white as ya'll might like to believe...and remember he has only been charged with this misdemeanor i remind you...this isn't a felony...i know everyone has their own issues with me saying this but it's the's only a misdemeanor...same as any traffic violations...and keep in mind this one the state does take more seriously...but speeding, not stopping at signals, and wreckless driving all kill people as don't try and read too much into a DWI...people can blow a .09 and be given a DWI and that's a hundreth of a point above the legal limit...and with some people that's only 2 or 3 drinks...i know i'm a bartender...i see people leave my bar all the time get in their cars and leave...and i garentee you none of them should be want punishment to be so damn harsh because he's a player...that the nfl should get involved along with the i hope if you ever get pulled over for a misdemeanor your boss puts some extra punishment onto that so you know how it feels...i know let's get a camera crew out there too and show your picture all over the 6 o'clock news to everybody...the way this issue has been treated is silly...blown way out of purportion in my eyes...cause we hold our athletes to a higher standard...although good it does have it's bad points as well...remember you are a fan and should support your players and coaches with everything they do...not just through the good times
No I want punishment to be harsh on any individual who gets behind the wheel with a over limit alcohol blood level not just ball players. As for devotion it goes out the window when you break the Law. We all make choices in life. Our Law System is to laxed. This is the 2nd time Coleman is in a traffic issue. You say we should support our players and coaches.Sorry I can`t support a coach who uses the University Credit Card to get a room with a Hooker! While his family is in another hotel. These are Adults making their own decisions. These are not mistakes. Now if a player or coach is wrongfully accused I can see your point. I would have more respect for Colman if he would have taken the Breath Test.
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