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Default Re: Raw Brutality, and Brett Favre’s Class... by Sage Rosenfels

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
The bolded contains events that are not related.

Why should I give a rat's ass about Brett Favre's or Brett Sanders' (whoever Brett Sanders is ) teams when they were NEVER the teams I rooted for?

That makes absolutely no sense. It is nonsense assumption babble as far as I'm concerned.

You made a statement about me - "who value entertainment over winning thought they were great plays" - because I have no emotional ties to teams not based in Houston?

Do you honestly walk around sulking because Brett Favre threw a lot of picks? Is your well being tied to something as irrelevant as what a football player, who you have no personal connection with, does in his career?

Seriously, man, your broad brush paints you more than it does anyone else.

Worry about yourself and speak for yourself. I would have not replied if you had kept my moniker off your keyboard. You do not know me and certainly have no basis for making such a statement based on some words on an internet forum.

BTW, I'm not making fun of anyone. I can only express my own personal perspectives, which is that I will never live vicariously through an entertainment medium that I have absolutely no influence on the outcome.

Do I get emotionally invested during a Texans game? Of course. But, as soon as it's over, it's over. No different than the joy I experience at a good metal concert or a new episode of Breaking Bad, entertainment mediums that I have a passion for. However, it is always a momentary diversion that I allow myself to escape in, but once it's over, back to reality and none of that nasty emotional aftertaste because I choose to keep it in proper perspective.

If you need / want to live a life where your emotional well-being is directly tied to entertainment, so be it. But please get off your condescending high horse that somehow you are better than someone that chooses to keep it all in proper perspective.
For someone who is so detached from enjoying a football game you certainly are getting worked up over posts on a message board. You are losing the ironic hip cool Seinfeldian quality. Now you are changing your tune and saying that you do get emotionally invested during a Texans game when your previous posts said that anyone who did that was a "we" person who thought they were actually on the field and that they needed to get perspective and abandon their rah-rah goofiness. You are the one on the high horse telling others that their existence is vapid and their priorities in life are all wrong. But now you admit you are one of us! Hey guess what? When the games are over, its over for me too, my emotional well being is not tied to the outcome of a game, which makes our outlook the same. Sorry if I interpreted your previous posts as if you actually meant what you were saying.

Since you apparently did not read most of the thread my comments on Favre were directed at the assertion that he way "top 5 of all time." I explained he was not top 5 for traits of winning championships. You weighed it with "it's only entertainment and he was entertaining". I agreed with you he is great for entertaining (probably "top 5 of all time").

Where do you make up this crap about me being upset over the fact that Favre made a bunch of stupid plays? I never rooted for a team he played for, I thought it was great entertainment. But I could see where fans of his team could get frustrated. During the game. Then I am sure they got over it and got back to their vapid existences. I just pointed out the facts that his style was not top 5 for winning; maybe your concern for people's emotional well-being should be directed to those who got butt-hurt over those facts.

The items you bolded are alike. For the detached observer they are entertaining. The detached observer (as you initially claimed to be but now deny that you are) would rather see the pass deflected to the receiver for a last second TD than batted down. The detached observer would rather see a team with a 2 point lead running flea flicker plays than the victory formation.

For your information, Brett Sanders is the love child of Brett Favre and Barry Sanders. His signature play is taking the first snap of the quarter and scrambling until the quarter expires and then firing a perfect pass 70 yards in the air for a completion - which loses 5 yards because he was 75 yards behind the line of scrimmage when he threw it.
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