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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Open tweeting, reads bottom-to-top
PDS ‏@PatDStat 14m
The hit of the day came from Eddie Pleasant on RB Ray Graham. Pleasant met Graham in the hole and ended up with Graham on his back.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 9m
Understand when Hopkins is making majority of these catches JJo and Kareem are on top of him. Great coverage just better catches. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 12m
Also, Darryl Sharpton made his return today. Can tell he knows his competition is here in Mays. #Texans

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley 15m
This is what he said about the brace in May RT @DZangaro "The brace is back for good." Watt

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 16m
Garrett Graham had a really good day catching the ball. He's become a better blocker too. #texans

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 7m
Ha! RT @Orca_FAT: @DoughertyDrew @JJWatt if I played like he did in 2012, I wouldn't even take that thing off in the shower.

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 8m
DE @JJWatt didn't take part in contact drills. Precautionary measure to give elbow a rest.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 9m
Watt said he dislikes the brace from a cosmetic standpoint. Doesn't like the way it looks. #TexansTalk

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 10m
Watt doesn't want to wear the brace but says its now a need. #texans

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 10m
DE @JJWatt said he will wear the elbow brace this yr again.

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 11m
Watt said hell be back out there full go soon. Added doesn't like the way it looks. #texans

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 11m
"I love playing for Wade. He trusts me."-- @JJWatt

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 13m
"The brace is back full time" Watt on his elbow brace. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 14m
Watt said his elbow is just a bit sore and they're giving it some rest. #texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 16m
JJ Watt says the brace is back as a precaution.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 17m
Foster's calf is fine. Kubiak said Fosters back is sore.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 18m
Brooks Reed banged knees with someone.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 18m
Watt was kept out of contact today with the elbow. Kubiak expects he'll be ok.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 51m
The shells are coming off. Hitting is done for the day. #TexansTalk

PDS ‏@PatDStat 53m
Lemon with an outstanding catch but out of bounds. Bouye with the coverage to ride him out of bounds. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 54m
Keo great blitz would have been a sack on Schaub. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 56m
Hopkins is having a great day. He is catching everything and JJo/Kareem have been all over him. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 57m
Tim Jamison getting back into pass rushing shape. Great swim move to get to the QB. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Garrett Graham once again a hands catch on a high pass. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Martin with a great catch against Keo. Tight ropes the sideline and gets upfield in a hurry. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Graham with a great diving catch from Schaub. Good coverage from Cushing, better placeb ball. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Antonio Smith would have had the sack on that play on Schaub. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Brice McCain just made a heckuva play. Used his speed to track down that overthrow from Yates for an INT.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Brice McCain with great coverage to get over the top of Martin. Intercepts the pass from Yates. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Brian Cushing has been allowed to get more physical today. He's in on 11-11s in shells on run plays. #TexansTalk

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Derek Newton moving Braman to the sideline. Newton giving him the business. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Brooks Reed was back on the field for 11-11s. Had his leg checked out earlier.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Terrell McClain and Darryl Sharpton playing the run tough. Sharpton playing like a mad man today. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Braman having a tough time once again in the run game. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Hopkins one again showing his ball skills. Deep ball from Schaub goes up and gets it over Kareem. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Cushing out on the field today. Looks like he still trying to get the feel for it. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Brian Cushing in with team drills. Getting more work than he has all camp in terms of participation. #texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Crick keeps getting better looking good once again. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Brooks Reed back on the field during team drills. #texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1h
Biggest note is that Darryl Sharpton is a full go today. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Brooks Reed leaves the trainers table and grabs his helmet and heads back to the field. #texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Dennis Johnson is getting a ton of meaningful reps with Foster and Tate out. #TexansTalk

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Reed getting more work on the trainers table. While Mercilus watching exam. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Watt leaves team drills to work on third field with injuries players. Don't look to into it though. #texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
JJ Watt didn't participate in team and now walked to the side field to do work. That elbow brace has reappeared on his elbow. TexansTalk

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Brooks Reed was getting checked out by a trainer on his left leg. Just walked to trainer's table.

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 1h
Brooks Reed was down getting looked at by trainers. They were looking at his knee. He has walked off the practice field . #texans

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 1h
With Johnathan Joseph on him in tight coverage, DeAndre Hopkins pulls in 25 yarder up right sideline.

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 1h
Big cheers from the #Texans training camp crowd after Schaub connected w Andre Johnson for a diving 40+ yd catch.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Team portion starts off with a leaping catch from Andre Johnson.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Darryl Sharpton is back at practice, which means he must have been removed from Non-Football Injury list. #TexansTalk

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 2h
Arian Foster is not dressed and is working out on the side with Ed Reed. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 2h
Interesting note. JJ Watt is wearing his elbow brace for the first time offseason. Looked to have tweaked his elbow Thursday. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 2h
Alan Bonner sitting out with a hamstring issue. Sharpton is back and dressed. He is in shoulder pads like everyone else. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 2h
Sam Montgomery dressed and working out. But doesn't have shoulder pads on. Won't go full but good sign. #texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 2h
Ben Tate and Whitney Mercilus on bikes and not practicing. #texans

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