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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Jayson Braddock ‏@JaysonBraddock
reads bottom-to-top
GJ cont'd: dump the ball off to me, I'll catch it, and do it when I need to.

GJ: I wouldn't mind some flares. Right now I'm just concentrating on my role. Go in there & do the dirty work. When they dump the ball off..

JB: Does Greg Jones want to appear on the stat line & see some flares in this offense?

GJ: (While laughing) No question, man. That's why I'm here. If I didn't think so I wouldn't be here.

JB: We saw what Foster has done w/ a FB & Adrian Peterson special season behind a fullback, can you take Arian to the next level?

GJ cont'd: We've got to be on the same page. I've got to know what they're thinking about on certain running plays.

GJ: Of course, that's 1 of the keys. Like the O-line has to build chemistry. You've got to practice, you've got to take the reps.

JB: There's not much talk about the chemistry that a new FB needs to build with his HBs in a zone scheme. Is it important?

GJ cont': In Jacksonville we went downhill & here it's more zone concept. Arian is more of a slasher Maurice is a more downhill power runner

Greg Jones: Only difference is the scheme, here. You know it's a whole lot different scheme then what we had in Jacksonville.

Jayson: Biggest difference in blocking for MoJo & for Arian Foster?

Spoke with Greg Jones for a quick minute today. Here are just a few of his answers.

Jayson Braddock ‏@JaysonBraddock
reads bottom-to-top
VJ cont': and you're by yourself off a lot, even in some zones & how he's played..I'll take him top 20, no doubt.

VJ: He's my guy, I'll take him there, I'll take him anywhere. For what we do, he's played very well, as much man as we play in this defense

JB: Where would you rank Kareem Jackson amongst the top CBs in the league? Top 20, now?

VJ cont': He (Posey) started for us in the playoffs. It helps both sides. When he gets Posey back it's going to be hard to beat that WR core

VJ cont'd: That's encouraging. It helps those guys get better. Last yr Posey going against J-Jo 1/2 the season, then going up to the varsity

VJ: All the time. You watch Hop go against J-Jo the 1st week & J-Jo is all over him & you watch Hop a day ago make some plays against J-Jo.

JB: Have you talked to (Larry) Kirksey (WR coach) about how much this secondary is helping this young receivers' group?

VJ cont'd: You can't do that. Also, his instincts help him make plays so it's a fine line between his instincts being helpful or harmful.

VJ: Your instincts say go here and your reads say you should be there. That's 1 thing he has to work on, his instincts overriding his reads.

VJ: I like him everywhere. His instincts is 1 thing that makes him a great player, but in the NFL that can also cost you to give up plays.

JB: Do you only like Swearinger in the box or are you comfortable with him out in centerfield?

VJ cont'd: he (DJ) studies, the rest is just gravy.

VJ cont'd: He's (DJ) playing 2 positions & he's made a total of 5 errors the whole camp. What's impressive is his football IQ & the way....

VJ: His football IQ. Everyone sees the bravado, the confidence, but I tell you what, the kid knows what he's doing.

JB: I've never seen a rookie carry himself like Swearinger. How has he impressed you so far?

VJ cont'd: that's going to help. Having those 2 players & those young guys covering tight ends better.

VJ cont'd: I mean really have those 2 guys back in dime is really going to be a tweak. Having DJ Swearinger & Keo, who can really cover TEs.

VJ: The tweak could be having Ed as our middle safety, that's a tweak and Cushing as our cover backer, that's going to be a tweak.

JB: I've talked a lot about the Dime coverage from the Patriots games. Are you looking to tweak something or has that already happened?

VJ cont'd: He came in about 203, 204. That 13 pounds has made him a lot faster down the field.

VJ cont'd: Which is important in this league if you're going to play a long time. He's dropped his weight to 190. Which has helped him.

VJ: Now we are. He was obviously a great nickel in college & that's where we saw him playing early, but now he's becoming an outside corner.

JB: Seemed to me that he had the ability to play inside & outside coming out of the U. Are you seeing that from him?

VJ cont'd: He had some games in the slot where he was very, very impressive, Tennessee, both Indy games.

VJ: His first game he handled very well. The playoff game is where he kind of struggled against Wes. He's a tough cover, along w/ Tom.

JB: How did he handle that first start vs Wes Welker?

VJ: He's (Harris) had the best camp so far out of all DBs, in my opinion as far as consistency & making the most plays. He can read routes.

Jayson: Brandon Harris seems to be playing with a lot more confidence.

VJ cont'd... (Roc) He's tough, he's smart. He's had a really good camp this last week.

VJ cont'd... He (Roc) always plays better later. He's a good little player. Really in his 2nd yr cause he missed his whole 1st year.

Vance Joseph: The last 3 days he's really played well. Roc's the kind of player, he needs the time to get his footwork & tech early in camp

Q: Seems as if the light went on for Roc (Carmichael) today, did you notice a difference?

Quick notes from today's talk with Texans' DB coach, Vance Joseph. This guy will be a DC soon. Check him out on the postgame show this year

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