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Default Re: Training camp 2013

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Jayson Braddock ‏@JaysonBraddock
If he can continue to learn as fast as he is now, the 6'5 shot blocking Watt will have a 6'6 twin tower in Willie coming thru the lane.

Very limited action on the defensive side of the ball, but he still wins matchup. He has & is still working to add more weight.

Watched him the rest of OTAs & continued to intrigue. Now in TC he's still making plays. It's crazy to see such a raw, former WR / TE w/ pop

First time I went to Texans' OTAs I asked myself who is this lanky 6'6 guy w/ heavy hands working the bag. Turned out to be Willie Jefferson

Mays said that in the time he's been around JJ he sees that same element in Watt. Says they both have talent, but work ethic sets apart

Mays smiled & said that they were special players. They both make your job easier. Working w/ Von you see he's the hardest worker...

Talked to Joe Mays for a minute today, asked him what it's like to go from playing w/ Von Miller to now JJ Watt?

If Roc starts to trust what he sees and knows, he will be a stud. He's always had the skill set, it's now on him to show the confidence.

Roc Carmichael is in a big camp for him. He may have the best feet, hips on the team. He can make plays, but not trusting his instincts.

I asked Chick Harris how does this team keep getting all this UDFA RB talent? Harris smirked & said hell of a scouting department & FO.

That doesn't mean Texans look to him over Tate this yr. Fear factor for Houston is another team steals him off PS. I have to think DJ is on.

I actually think that Wood will be a better every down back in Houston's ZBS than Tate. It's the reason Tate won't be back in 2014 IMO.

Wood isn't flashy, but neither was Foster. Wood is patient, understands the scheme, & sees the blueprint of the blocking.

Ray Graham & Cierre Wood look the same in practice as they did on last year's tape. Graham still not back to pre-injury form. Year away.

Regardless, that's what I like about Bouye's game. Crazy to think UCF had Bouye & Josh Robinson. Bouye's instant vert closes sideline down.

AJ Bouye is a tough one for me. On tape, in drills, he doesn't have great feet & struggles w/ transition. His vertical explosion is superb!

DeVier Posey said he has a goal of playing week 1. He looks hungry & the fact the team drafted a WR in the 1st has to drive him.

After AJ, Hopkins rookie, Posey & Martin yr 2, Jean & Maehl yr 3. Team may decide to keep a guy they've invested 3 yrs on in young group.

If Bonner isn't head & shoulders better than DJ on returns, may keep 3rd down back on returns & get Bonner on PS.

I've been high on Dennis Johnson for awhile now. Legitimate homerun threat & return man. DJ could factor into decision on WRs.

EZ Nwachukwu is old reliable. He doesn't have great speed or size etc. He could easily get lost in the shuffle, but he's consistent.

Andy Cruze catches your eye every now & then, but way too heavy footed. You can literally hear the thud on his breaks.

Bonner will be a watch & game action will be huge for him. Alec Lemon is making me look bad. Thought he had 0 shot. Catching everything now

Alan Bonner is the wildcard. He's already grown tremendously from OTAs to Training Camp. Great speed, most natural catcher on STs.

Will be a lot of variables in who / how many Texans keep at WR. Jean isn't showing great growth. Maehl routes are a + now, but inconsistent

I imagine Johnson, Hopkins, Posey, Martin are all on the roster. I'd expect them to have long ongoing conversations about whether to keep 5+

Texans' fans shouldn't expect it to be absolute. If Posey is performing, they'll work him in rotation. His versatility will be huge.

Speaking w/ Texans' WR coach, Larry Kirksey the other day, it was apparent that they want versatility. While AJ may be X, Hop - Z, Martin- Y

Like most young players that get hurt, Posey will come back w/ greater knowledge on routes. He's a key player that will be able to do X,Y,Z

Finally got a chance to speak w/ DeVier Posey today. I can't go into details on injured players, so I'll keep it basic....

Hopkins said that Schaub would stay out there and work with the WRs after practice. You can tell Schaub realizes how important chemistry is.

Hopkins said that the whole WR group has been more than helpful, but said that Schaub was actually taking a lot of time w/ them.

Saw DeVier Posey telling Hopkins something on his transition out of a cut, so I asked who's been helping him develop...

I told Hopkins that he reminded me of Hakeem Nicks & asked who he felt his game was closest to. Said no one, he just wants to be himself.

Hopkins asked for 1 last ball & still at high velocity caught it back handed w/ his right hand. He didn't have any touch the ground.

The rookie, Hopkins put on a show. DeAndre snagged 4 passes at high velocity off the jugs w/ his right hand & turned & did 4 w/ his left

Daily Foster, Reed, AJ, & Daniels practice on the jugs machine together. This was the 1st day that I saw Hopkins participate w/ them.

Hopkins said that it wasn't anything serious, came back out and finished the rest of the drills at full speed & didn't think more about it.

After Hopkins came back from getting his ankle wrapped, they made him test repeatedly. When asked if it was an issue. ....

There are just too many talented WRs on this Texans' roster. Alan Bonner will get the best look, but a lot tied into his ST play.

EZ took several reps with the 1s. He hasn't been flashy, but a consistent WR. Obviously a favorite (Aggies) of Kubiak's.

Hopkins had to come off the field for a second at practice. It appeared that he tweaked the ankle. While he was out EZ Nwachukwu subbed in

Hopkins said that he's still learning & made a mistake on the route. The same thing has happened a few times in camp. It's still early.

I gave Hopkins an out & asked if it was an option route & he just saw something different than Schaub. DeAndre owned up though.

Despite Hopkins' talent, even 1st round WRs have an adjustment period to the NFL game & it takes time to get on the same page w/ new QB.

I spoke with DeAndre Hopkins after practice about his chemistry with Schaub. Hopkins ran a deep post & Schaub threw the "go".

Some quick notes from the Texans' practice this morning:
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