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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Timeline (reads bottom-to-top) style today as it's fast & furious open tweeting...
Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 5m
Case Keenum had a couple nice deep balls completed earlier. Two consecutive throws off target just now. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 5m
Highlight of the day was Watt being pissed after Brandon Brooks handled him in pass pro drills. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1m
Watt comes around on a stunt untouched. So quick. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1m
Owen Daniels just had a nice diving catch in the middle of the field on a ball from Schaub.

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley 4m
Usually Texans have a lot of tall WRs in camp. He is one of few in '13 MT @PatDStat Andy Cruse w/ nice reception over Bouye on a deep ball

PDS ‏@PatDStat 8m
Andy Cruse with a nice reception over Bouye on a deep ball. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 10m
Case Keenum and Keshawn Martin with a huge reception. 50 yard bomb over Harris. Great coverage but better pass and catch.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 12s
Watt chases Andre down on a play trying to strip the ball. Andre had already stopped running. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 54s
JJo with a nice leaping INT. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 1m
#Texans took off the pads and now working O vs. D.

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 3m
Done with pads for today. About 30 minutes left of practice. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 4m
Earl Mitchell looking overwhelming in the middle during O Line / D Line. Had back to back bull rushes on Pro Bowler Chris Myers

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 6m
Swearinger breaks up two consecutive passes to TE Jake Byrne in 7 on 7s. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 8m
Kareem comes back and answers breaking up a pass intended for Hopkins. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 8m
In previous days when Brooks would beat Watt 1-on-1, Watt would smile it off. Just got beat again today and looked angry. #TexansTalk

PDS ‏@PatDStat 9m
Keo and Jackson collide leaving Hopkins wide open in the endzone. Easy work for Schaub. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 10m
Ed Reed taking on practice in the back of the endzone going through reads in 7 on 7 drills. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 11m
Big bust right there in coverage leaving Griffin wide open in the endzone. J. Davis with the miscue. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 2m
Willie Jefferson starting to show some power out of that lanky frame. Not just speed.

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley 3m
Though fans rightfully excited about new WRs, Andre Johnson is the EZ button. Effortless-looking excellence. /she tweets after AJ camp TD

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 3m
Not easy facing JJ Watt in this drill, but Brandon Brooks won one today. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 4m
Cushing with his first work of 7 on 7s. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 4m
Earl Mitchell gets by Chris Myers on a one-on-one drill & gets roundly praised. He has many excited about his first season starting #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 5m
OD now getting in on the action. Wide open for a TD. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 5m
Brandon Brooks just stopped Watt in the pass rush drill. Brooks has a chance to be really good.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 6m
Andre and Schaub start 7 on 7 good with a corner route for a TD over Kareem. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 6m
Willie Jefferson beat Ryan Harris on a quick inside move in pass rush drills.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 7m
Willie Jefferson has the inside speed pass rush move down. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 7m
Sam Montgomery is out of a walking boot. Taking notes with a notebook during practice

PDS ‏@PatDStat 9m
Lechler dropping some bombs today. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 11m
Feels like certain coaches have cleaned up their language a bit for this open practice. Also, PR says no inside this morning. #Texans

Drew Dougherty ‏@DoughertyDrew 12m
On #TexansRadio GM Rick Smith just confirmed the reports that team signed LB Joe Mays.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 16m
Keshawn Martin fields the first punt of the day.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 16m
Special teams at the moment for the #Texans.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 21m
TJ Yates looking solid. Hit Martin on the front pylon for a TD. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 21m
Daniel Muir, signed a few days ago, has stood out at nose tackle. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 21m
Newer Texan Daniel Muir, the NT, has looked very strong. Very impressive.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 21m
Cameron Collins playing today. Sticking RBs in the hole. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 22m
Wade Smith looked good in pass pro vs. Ninja. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 23m
Team has been working 11-11. Hopkins with another great route. Schaub said they were going to get him the ball

PDS ‏@PatDStat 24m
Cameron Collins bringing it to Greg Jones in the hole to make Tate bounce on the run. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 26m
Wide receivers for the #Texans putting on a show today. Bonner, Lemon and Maehl all looking solid.

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 26m
WR are playing. Bonner strong hands on a catch

PDS ‏@PatDStat 26m
Brennan Williams delivering some pop with his run blocking. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 28m
Clutts giving Braman the business with a pancake block. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 28m
Dennis Johnson being rewarded for his good camp. He has gotten bulk of the work today at running back. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 29m
Hopkins well covered by Johnathan Joseph, Schaub leads him for a touchdown. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 29m
Next play, slant into end zone, Schaub to Hopkons TD, JJoe in coverage

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 30m
Hopkins try's to go just one hand in end zone against JJoe, incomplete

PDS ‏@PatDStat 30m
JJo with nice coverage vs. Hopkins to break up a TD. #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 31m
Alec Lemon with play of the day. One handed catch in end zone over Roc from Yates. Lemon keeps impressing. #catcheseverything

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 31m
Alec Lemon with a great one-handed catch in the corner of end zone. Perfect ball from Case Keenum.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 33m
Daniel Muir makes a big play in the backfield. When he gets moving forward and low hard to stop. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 34m
Dennis Johnson continues to look good. Showing a nice burst getting around the corner.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 34m
Braman has missed at least three open field tackles today. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 34m
Pads separate running backs and Dennis Johnson has stood out here. Just had a nice run in 11 on 11s. Little guy, could make roster #Texans

James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN 35m
With the help of a huge block Dennis Johnson sweep for 6. Could be 3rd RB

PDS ‏@PatDStat 35m
Dennis Johnson showed patience on that run to score a TD. Good blocks by Gardner and Boren. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 36m
Brooks Reed looking good off the edge in run D. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 36m
Brandon Brooks pancakes Dobbins and lays on him. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 36m
Kareem Jackson making life tough for the offense. Caused a coverage sack. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 40m
ILB and Fullbacks going at it today. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 42m
Just saw a little something from Cierre Wood. He's been quiet the first few days of camp.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 45m
Greg Jones throwing Braman around with ease. Finishing the lead block. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 45m
Antonio Smith was singing walking to the line of scrimmage.

PDS ‏@PatDStat 47m
Jawanza Starling with good run fill in 9 on 7. #Texans

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley 50m
JJo yelled to him "making money" RT @PatDStat: Bouye showed some solid coverage after getting beat earlier. Played tough in coverage #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 50m
Bryan Braman showed some run d a play before Dennis Johnson breaking a tackle from him on the next. #Texans

Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli 51m
First play of 9 on 7, Tate trips behind the line. Training camp play by play! Embrace it! #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 51m
Just noticed that Sam Montgomery is out of that boot on his right foot. That's a good sign for him. #TexansTalk

PDS ‏@PatDStat 52m
Bouye showed some solid coverage after getting beat earlier. Played tough in coverage. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 53m
Nwachukwu finally finished a play with his speed. Nice separation and extra burst. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 55m
Alan Bonner with some good quickness to get open for a catch. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 55m
Roc Carmichael with some solid coverage. #Texans

PDS ‏@PatDStat 56m
Brandon Harris with a good pass breakup vs. Jean. #Texans

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 56m
On the first pass if 1-on-1s, Kareem Jackson breaks up a deep pass for Hopkins. #TexansTalk

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
No sign of new Texan Joe Mays here at practice but Mike Mohamed traded in his No. 53 for 49, so that might be a hint at a number.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 1h
Whitney Mercilus is out here but not in pads. He's wearing shorts with a compression sleeve on his right leg. Hurt hammy yesterday.

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley 2h
On public #Texans camp days, media is able to tweet during camp. Cool deal, tho risks too much emphasis/over-analysis on these few days.

Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro 2h
Basically no non-clear bags bigger than a small clutch. Here are the rules in more depth:

Today is the first open #Texans training camp day. Should be fun. For fans with tx going, remember: the NFL's new bag policy is in effect.
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