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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley
Kubiak said that #Texans defense will be working some on read option stuff soon as part of process of installing the defense

Ed Reed busted me watching his rehab. "You want to work out too!" "No sir, I'm good." /IMO his rehab says nothing now about his return date.

Asked Schaub if fans should be concerned with Fosters return. He didn't seem concerned at all. Said no games now.

Schaub: Expectations for Hopkins "through the roof." Will get many opportunities, very skilled. #Texans
Seth Payne ‏@PayneNFL
@PayneNFL: Undrafted rookie OLB Willie Jefferson continues to flash on pass rush. Very athletic, but laaaaanky. 6'5" 233.

Quessenberry had some rough run downs at guard, with Terrell McClain driving him deep into backfield.

Mercilus pulled up with some kind of strain pursuing downfield on a pass play. Stayed in pads but was held out.

Trevardo Williams' size is hurting him at this point. Gets swallowed up. Gonna have to be much more violent.
Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
Rookie safety DJ Swearinger was apparently goaded into freestyling on command for tv cameras. Heard it was pretty good. #Texans

Schaub says he has no hard feelings toward LB Joe Mays who bloodied his ear w/an illegal hit last year. #Texans brought Mays in for a visit.

"Willie's went from 5th team to 1st team in about a month," Gary Kubiak, with a smile about Willie Jefferson. #Texans

Whitney Mercilus suffered a hamstring injury today. Kubiak isn't too concerned about its seriousness. #Texans

Darryl Sharpton got an injection this morning and they'll evaluate him further on Wednesday. #Texans
Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro
"He talks to me every day about regular life and on-the-field stuff and I take it in every day and I appreciate it." - Swearinger on Reed

I started to notice Jared Crick yesterday but he started to turn some more heads today. #TexansTalk

Ben Jones has looked much better than I expected him to. Trevardo Williams is really struggling out there. #TexansTalk

J.J. Watt is obviously really strong. Brandon Brooks looks like the only guy with a chance against him in pass rush drills. #TexansTalk

Here are some observations from today's practice: Willie Jefferson continues to look good. He's really quick. #TexansTalk

"Obviously, y’all know we’re talking to him. He’s out there, he’s free." -- Kubiak on Joe Mays, who the Texans brought in for a visit

Darryl Sharpton told reporters he injured his groin training but expects to be back in two or three days. #TexansTalk

"Whitney’s got a little hamstring strain we don’t think it’s very serious so we have to evaluate him." -- Kubiak on Mercilus #TexansTalk

"Yeah, we actually gave Darryl and injection yesterday. He’s feeling much better." Kubiak on Sharpton #TexansTalk

Sharpton got an injection yesterday. Came in with a groin injury.

Graham might be back by mid week.

Mercilus has a hammy strain
James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN
#Texans morning session: Mercilus slight pull of a hammy, Quessenberry looking good, Watt is too good for any1 now that there's contact

Q: thigh pads different? "I don't know. I didn't measure them." Q: Thinner? "I'll compare them when I get in the locker room." - Schaub

"We're going to get him plenty of 1-on-1 coverage and chances to get the football and we're going to get him the football." Schaub on Hopkins

Kubiak down played Mercilus' hamstring injury. He stayed at practice icing and getting stretched out. Came up lame chasing a receiver.

Schaub said the #texans do have the pieces to get to the Super Bowl.

Schaub said Andre Johnson doesn't get looks in redzone is bc of coverage. said "it's not like we're not trying to get the ball to him"

Whitney Mercilus pulled up with a sore hamstring in practice
Greg Bailey ‏@GregBailey13
Watching fullback clinic. Greg Jones and Tyler Clutts staying late for extra work on the sled. Empty field, hard work. #Texans

Rookie David Quessenberry strong on offensive line in pads today. Good looking athlete working at guard and tackle. Veterans impressed.
PDS ‏@PatDStat
Andre, JJo, Owen and Antonio Smith were all healthy onlookers of practice today. #Texans

Talked to Garrett Graham today was feeling "much better" after being out with a virus. Was his first appearance at camp today.

Ben Jones is being asked to play two positions. When he gets a chance to play one spot he will get even better. #Texans

Still feels like the #Texans are trying to figure out Quessenberry's best position.

No secret why the #Texans signed Greg Jones. Some ILBs today found out why. #Texans

Trevardo Williams has some work to do as a pass rusher. Two days in a row where he struggles with moves. #Texans

Ben Tate looks like a new person out there. He has a great ability to make the first defender miss. #Texans

TE Adam Schiltz gave the safeties some issues today in coverage. He was able to work and catch some nice passes for big yards

Some serious competition at the defensive line behind the first five. Muir, Jones and McClain have all had good starts at camp. #Texans

Rookie NT Chris Jones has good ability to Russ the passer. He showed it again today. Pads have helped Jones. #Texans

Jared Crick looks good and has taken one of the bigger steps in play from year one to two. He looks much more fluid and can move.

Matt Schaub and DeAndre Hopkins are getting more in tune in the passing game. He threw a nice post route to Hopkins in stride.

Brice McCain had a solid day. Looked good in coverage and no signs of his foot injury slowing him down. #Texans

Derek Newton is moving well and moved the pile in 9 on 7 run drill. Him and Brooks can move the line of scrimmage. #Texans

Brooks constantly works against Watt in pass protection. Watt gets the best of him but Brooks has shown some promise of slowing him down.

Danieal Manning caused Cierre Wood to fumble. Wood tried to jump a pile and Manning stripped the ball with Jamison recovering it.

2 things for Willie Jefferson will decide his fate. How he will hold up against the run and if he can do it against real NFL OTs. #Texans

Willie Jefferson keeps making a positive impression. His pass rush skills are natural, even tests Duane Brown to give him good work. #Texans

T.J. Yates has continually improved his mechanics. He has tighten up his delivery and velocity has gotten better #Texans

NT Terrell McClain stole the show today. Constant disruption for the offensive line. #Texans

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