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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley
Kubiak on players out: Wade Smith/Garrett Graham w/illness. Sam Montgomery in boot w/ ankle. Greg Jones day off as vet rest.

Best quote of day? From @JJWatt: Those talk his regression likely "sitting behind a desk." He's doing work, doesn't care about predictions.
Seth Payne ‏@PayneNFL
Hum drum practice 'till Smith and Myers got into scuffle during 9 on 7. Swearinger got animated. Like bloodthirsty hyena animated.

Quessenberry looks more technically sound than he did a couple months ago. Been working at it.

Recently signed NT Daniel Muir had some great bull rushes in one-on-one's. Gotta dig more info up on him.

Want to see more power out of Mercilus. Looks great running games with Antonio Smith bit less effective 1-on-1. #Texans

Brandon Brooks had a couple respectable reps vs. JJ Watt in one-on-one pass rush. Can definitely anchor vs bull rush.

DJ Swearinger looking comfortable playing dime linebacker. Works through traffic very well versus run.
Tania Ganguli ‏@taniaganguli
ESPN trucks are here, following @josinaanderson who got here yesterday. SportsCenter will be at camp tomorrow morning. #Texans

Couldn't tell you what Swearinger was screaming, just that he was. He's going to be fun #Texans

Easily best moment: Myers got after Antonio Smith for a play and during the ensuing scuffle, Swearinger jumped up & down screaming #Texans

First day in pads. "looked like it, didn't it?" Kubiak said. #Texans

Whitney Mercilus went up against Duane Brown in those drills. Not a fair fight right now but it'll make Mercilus improve fast. #Texans

Willie Jefferson looked good in one on one pass rush drills. Could be a good p squad guy. #Texans

Hopkins, Keshawn Martin, Devier Posey and Tyler Clutts also out there doing extra work after practice. #Texans

Greg Jones had the day off as per Kubiak's plan, coach says. Garrett Graham still sick. #Texans

Wade Smith came in this morning ill and went home. Sam Montgomery had his right foot in a boot for that ankle. #Texans
Dave Zangaro ‏@DZangaro
Watt on pads "This is when you find out who’s got it. Who is a football player & who is a guy who looks like he could be a football player."

J.J. Watt on folks saying his numbers will drop: "They’re probably sitting behind a desk somewhere. I’m out here working... "I’m in the weight room putting in the work. Anybody sitting behind a desk or talking to a camera can say whatever they like."

"Yeah, he’s a fiery little guy. He’s a good little player back there." - J.J. Watt on D.J. Swearinger #TexansTalk

I was impressed by Jared Crick during pass rush drills. I think he's going to play a role as a nice rotational player. #TexansTalk

"I like his presence. I like what he stands for so just want to keep him in one piece and get him ready to go." - Kubiak on Greg Jones

"It looked like it didn’t it? Obviously it got a little testy out there this morning. That’s a good thing." -- Kubiak on first day in pads

You're going to have fun watching Swearinger. Started yelling today after two teammates got into it. Just yelling loudly in the background.

Brooks did alright against J.J. Watt but the Defensive Player of the Year overpowered him ... like he does everybody else

It's always fun watching the pass rush drills. Brandon Brooks is really, really strong.

Earl Mitchell got a smile on his face when I asked him about Bill Kollar's not yelling at him anymore.
James Palmer ‏@JPalmerCSN
... I could literally not care any less. I'm just going to put in the work to be the best that I can possibly be." #Texans #Texanstalk

J.J. Watt -"People can say whatever they want about me. They can say I'm the best in the world, they can say I'm the worst in the world

J Joseph said that doing yoga did wonders for his hips. He went to classes with his wife, sometimes losing 6 pounds of sweat in a session

Duane Brown was really a tough test for Whitney Mercilus now that the pads are on. It'll only make him better.

Ed Reed was catching passes one handed off the jug machine.

Matt Schaub is outside throwing passes to Arian Foster after practice

Johnathan Joseph said that Kareem Jackson is actually the one who suggested he might have a sports hernia. He had the surgery after the Pro Bowl
Deepi Sidhu ‏@DeepSlant
After practice, JJ Watt says he is excited about what S DJ Swearinger brings to backfield #Texans
PDS ‏@PatDStat
I liked the idea of Cierre Wood as the 3rd RB but Dennis Johnson changed my mind some today. Will be one of the better competitions

Of course Daniels always has Andre Johnson working with him on the JUGS machine too. #Texans

Owen Daniels lets no time pass him without working. Always working, between sessions he spends time on the Jugs machine catching. #Texans

Said it yesterday but Nwachukwu's speed is impressive. Can run by people with ease. #Texans

On offense WRs Andy Cruse and Ez Nwachukwu have really made an impression for the UDFAs. #Texans

A.J. Bouye and Willie Jefferson have stood out on defense for the UDFAs. #Texans

When the UDFAs are pushing for roster spots it says something about the front office and the talent they find. #Texans

Fullback Zach Boren did what fullbacks are supposed to do. Finish blocks. He drove A defender all the way to the sidelines. #Texans

It will be interesting to see who will step up on the pass rush off the edge. #Texans

Trevardo Williams has some work to do. has to get adjusted to the physical part of the game. Was stopped w ease in his pass rush.

Really liked what Eddie Pleasant did today. Covered well and looked decent in run game support. #Texans

Ryan Harris looked good in pass pro. He kept a clean slate today vs. the pass rushers. #Texans

Whitney Mercilus has some work to do as a pass rusher. He was going against the best in Brown, but still need to see more. #Texans

Duane Brown has great footwork. He knows how to bait pass rushers and he frustrated Mercilus today in pass pro work. #Texans

NT Terrell McClain has some quicks for a Dlineman. Rushed well in one on one pass pro. #Texans

Cameron Collins is making some good plays at ILB. He is taking advantage of his increased time with Sharpton out. #Texans

Ben Jones had a tough time a left guard in the run game. Was filling in for the sick Wade Smith. #Texans

DeAndre Hopkins showed some life today. Finally back to making catches and is gaining some continuity with Schaub. #Texans

D.J. Swearinger is not afraid to play inside the box. He will mix it up and make plays. #Texans

ILB Mike Mohamed had an interception today on a tipped ball. Rookie NT Chris Jones creates the pressure for the bad throw. #Texans

Hard not to like what Kareem Jackson has done. Always around the football and his playing with a high level of confidence. #Texans

NT Earl Mitchell was making plays majority of the day. He is a good compliment to the DEs next to him. #Texans

Quarterbacks once again looking sharp. The entire group has thrown well. #Texans

RB Dennis Johnson really made an impression with his overall strength. He can deliver a blow in pass pro. #Texans

Brooks vs. Watt was a great match up. Once Brooks can anchor he can stop anything, held his own against Watt. #Texans

Once Brandon Brooks gets a hold of a pass rusher it's over. Has to work on his footwork to combat quicker Dlineman. #Texans

David Quessenberry is a future piece of the Oline. He showed some serious strength in one on one pass pro. #Texans

OLB Willie Jefferson has made big strides. Has all the tools to be a pass rusher but holding up in the run game was an issue. #Texans

J.J. Watt vs. Duane Brown is a great matchup to watch. Both have their moments of getting the best of each other. #Texans

Antonio Smith dominated today on inside drills. Stopped three plays in a row. #Texans

Rookie cornerback AJ Bouye had two interceptions today. He is separating himself from the younger corners. #Texans

Alan Bonner made the catch of the day with a one handed leap on a deep ball. #Texans
Adam Wexler ‏@awexler
"When you put the pads on, you expect a little fire, edge. It showed.That's when you know you have a good group,' JJ Watt on today's scuffle #Texans

Very real talk from J-Jo about he & Kareem to be top CB tandem. Kareem made leap last year & he's been a blanket on WRs this camp #Texans

Best line at practice: DL coach Bill Kollar at DLineman knocked on his butt in 1-on-1 drill, "What'd you have for breakfast today!?" #Texans

DeAndre Hopkins on the field after practice with Schaub working on routes etc.

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