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Default Re: Training camp 2013

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on if there are any updates on the injuries from yesterday’s practice) “No, we’re good. (OLB) Sam Montgomery did not practice this morning. He’s got a sore ankle. We thought he could go and he ended up not going. Other than that, we’re back at it. Had a good cool morning to work. The rain helped out a little bit, so good day.”

(on if there was good energy at practice on the second day) “Yeah, usually it takes about three days to work into it and they get pretty worn out and sore, and they start to revive a little bit, but I thought it was good. It was very competitive. We’ve added a few different periods to our practice form a competitive standpoint and I like our young guys and the way they’re competing I thought it was a good day.”

(on his thoughts on the linebacker corps this season and if he thinks they can stay together) “First off, it’s going to be young. The depth is going to be very young. As a coach, at this point, two days into camp, obviously it’s going to play itself out, but that’s the way we’re built right now. I feel good about our group. I think (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) and (LBs coach) Reggie (Herring) have done tremendous work with young players in their coaching career and they’ve got a good group of young guys when you look at how far (LB) Willie (Jefferson) has come. I’m sitting here watching (LB) Trevardo Williams and we get (LB) Sam (Montgomery) going. It’s a group that, like I said, it’s going to have a lot of youth to it, but it’s going to have a lot of ability too.”

(on if there is an update on TE Garrett Graham) “Garrett, he’s got the flu or some type of virus and has been really sick. Hoping that he might be back around the building today. The plan was to have him on the field tomorrow. Obviously, if he’s not getting better, which he is getting somewhat better, we’ll keep him away from the guys. So we’ll see. I’m hoping he’s here tomorrow. He’s fine. He’s just battling a bug.”

(on if he has an idea of how many players he wants on the roster at certain positions on offense and what goes into deciding that) “You never know how you’re going to be built. Obviously, if you’ve got good players in place, you’re not going to say, ‘Well, I’m going to let him go because I’m going to keep this many tight ends.’ You’re going to keep the guys that earned the right to be here. We may be built different at back. We could be built different at tight end. I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ve got some young offensive linemen. I think you always have a template that you kind of worked off of, but yet, we’re not going to run anybody out here who show us that they can win. So we’ll see.”

(on the New England Patriots running more offensive snaps than any team last year and if he thinks this year’s team will run a faster pace like that) “I thought we worked at a lot of pace last year. We did a lot of sugar-huddle offensively. As a team, it’s something that we always have the ability to do. On any given way, I think the best way to play that particular team we’re playing, we’ll have to make a decision there, but we’re going to always have pace built in whether we’re trying to use it to begin with or in a situation where we’ve got to use it to get back into a game. It’s always going to be part of what we do.”

(on if it’s a problem having young players at several positions on offense) “No, they’re going to be taught just like anybody else that would be in here. We’re not going to change what we do. We’re going to catch them up. I think it’s your job as a coach, once you get to the point where it’s time to play, you’ve got to do what your guys do best. If we’ve got some young players making a lot of plays and all they can handle is X amount, then that’s what we need to go do. We’ve got to figure that out, but right now, it’s time to work and throw it all at them and see how far we can go.”

(on how the schedule works out with putting on pads) “Let’s see, I think tomorrow we can put our shells on. I think the progression is that way. I think we’ll put our full gear on the next day, which will be what, Monday? We can slowly work ourselves into it, but we’re pretty physical in everything we do. That time’s coming.”

(on if anything has stood out through two days so far) “No, I like the way we’re working. I like the competition on the field. We’ve got some issues at linebacker and tackle now from a numbers standpoint. (T) Nick Mondekdid not practice today. I failed to mention him. So we’re dealing with that, but that’s part of training camp. I like our start and now we’ll start to get a little more physical and put the pads on.”

(on how much he reserves judgment until pads are put on) “I reserve judgment until we get to about the third week of the preseason. We’ve got a long way to go and you never know what’s going to happen. Right now, it’s just about teaching, grinding, coaching everybody. Everybody’s involved in that process. Just stay with the process, keep working and we’ve got to be ready to win a game against San Diego on opening day, so we’ll stay with the process.”

(on T Ryan Harris) “Yeah, well, he’s a very disciplined person. I would just say this, he looks really good. We’re going to play our best two tackles. We know who our left tackle is and (T) Ryan (Harris), he’s in the mix, he’s working on both sides every day. He’s probably as healthy as he’s been in his career. He really likes what we do. I think he’s starting to really flourish in what we do. I like how far he’s come. We’ll see.”

(on if T Ryan Harris floats to both sides equally) “Yeah, he has to right now because the two young kids are being pieced along, (T Derek) Newton and (T Brennan) Williams and (T Nick) Mondek is out. So right now, he’s having to do a lot, but that’s a good thing because your third tackle, your tackles have to be able to swing and do different stuff, and he showed he can do that last year.”

(on the youth and depth at linebacker) “Yeah, we’re very young and we got even younger when (LB Darryl) Sharpton was not ready to go when he reported to camp. Those are problems that you work through right now, but through problems, you can get better too. You can have guys step up and become really good players, but it’s obviously something we have our eye on, me and (General Manager) Rick (Smith). We need Darryl back on the field as quickly as we can get him there.”

(on if there is any news this afternoon) “(T Nick) Mondek is still not a part of what we’re doing. (TE) Garrett (Graham) is back in the building and he’s feeling better. We’re hoping for tomorrow, but we’ll wait and see where he’s at.”

(on what exactly TE Garrett Graham has been going through) “I just know he had some type of bug. I really don’t (know). I just know he was really sick. He lost some weight and we’re going to have to work him back to where he was.”

(on the right tackle position) “I think I said this before, the people are on our roster to handle our situation. The problem is he missed a lot of time. (T Derek) Newton missed the whole offseason. (T) Brennan (Williams) missed the whole offseason. Now, Newton is working about half the reps right now. He looks good. We’ve got a plan to get him back to full speed. Brennan has yet to do anything with the team other than individual. So as we practice, we’re really down a good player-and-a-half right there. It’s putting a lot of stress on (T David) Quessenberry, which that might be a good thing in the long haul. We’ll see how far he can come. But we’re trying to get those two guys to where they’re totally healthy and competing, and that’s not happening right now. There’s nothing they can do. We’ve got to get them there the right way.”

(on how he looks at the inside linebacker spot next to ILB Brian Cushing) “I look at it as being very, very young right now. (ILB Cameron) Collins is working as a starter in there and hasn’t played much football, but that’s a part of getting through camp too. Every day is like a puzzle; how do we work through today? How do we get certain guys on the team to this point and the process, so you’re always trying to put that puzzle together each and every day. But what it does is it creates a lot of reps for guys that never thought they were going to get them and who knows? We may find some gems along the way. That’s why we do what we do.”

(on his expectations for ILB Tim Dobbins) “It’s very important. Tim has really been on this team because he’s been a really good special teams player and yet he’s been a starter last year, and he’s a starter right now in how he operates. (It’s an) opportunity for Tim and he’s come in in good shape. He’s taking care of business. He looks good. He’s had a good two days.”

(on the growth of CB tandem Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph) “It was probably late February, one day, I went down to the weight room and those two were on the treadmill. We hadn’t been through for a month. It’s impressive. Johnathan has been a tremendous presence for Kareem. Kareem has grown up a lot as a football player and a man, and it shows on the football field. Those two guys are always working together and now they’re sitting back talking with another guy in (FS) Ed (Reed). You only get better when you’ve got that experience on your football team.”

(on CB Johnathan Joseph saying he’s the healthiest he’s been in a few years and if he sees that in him) “Well, I’ve only been with him for a certain amount of time, but what I do see is we’re at the point where we can put him on a program like we do with (WR) Andre (Johnson). We kind of let him and Andre go at it at each for three days and give them a day break. We’re trying to work them the right way and I think he’s responded to it. Yeah, he looks as good as I’ve ever seen him.”

(on using RB Arian Foster in the passing game and if that has been inconsistent) “Yeah, it kind of all depends who we’re playing. I know there are certain teams that we play that some of Arian’s touches have to come through the air for that particular week, so we try to do that. He touches it a lot. I think that’s when he’s at his best when he does touch it a lot. Hopefully, (RB) Ben (Tate) stays healthy and there’s that combination like there was a couple of years ago, but we need to get Arian back out here and ready to go. He’s working hard. Hopefully, he’ll be back in a couple of days.”

(on OLB Whitney Mercilus’ place in the defense and assuming the role where they drafted him for) “He played pretty well last year. I think he had a six-seven sack season for a young player. Obviously, you draft guys that high knowing that there’s some point where it’s there, if it’s not very quickly. Here we go, it’s his second year, and it’s time for him to step up. With what we have at linebacker, with (OLB) Connor (Barwin) leaving and some of the things going on with our team, it’s time for him to step up like a six-seven-year guy and not a second-year guys. We believe in him. That’s why we do the things we do, but he’s responded and he’s been as good as he possibly can be throughout the offseason.”

(on the team’s health situation today) “Like I said, the only thing I can think of, without you all asking me, is (T Nick) Mondek still did not do anything today. He’s day-to-day. Nothing else has changed with anybody as of right now. I gave (T) Duane (Brown) the afternoon off. He did not do anything.”

(on if OLB Brooks Reed is back practicing) “Yeah, he’s back. He’s a full participant.”

(on if everybody is here) “Everybody’s here.”

(on if he’s generally happy with how training camp has been going so far) “Yeah, I mean it’s two days. We start to put our pads on tomorrow. So that’s when the game changes for everybody, So we’ve got to start to work toward that, but I feel good. We’ve got a couple of situations we’re having to work through each and every day from a health standpoint, but that’s part of camp.”

(on OLB Sam Montgomery’s status) “Sam was out this morning and he’s out this afternoon. He’s got a sore ankle and he’s being evaluated as we speak.”
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