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Default My Take

I am very sad Marcus did this. This kinda of let me down on the type of person and morales he might have had. Everyone makes a mistake, very true, but Drinking and Driving is one of the worst things you can do. I hear a few who say.. "It is bad.. but not that bad.." Lose a daughter, son, friend, or someone to 'someone having a good time', and I think your opionon will change.

What do I think he should happen to him for punishment? No suspension, no release, no fine! I think his punishment needs to be for him to spend a certain amount of hours at the hospital (being on call) telling unlucky families the extremely hard job that thier family members or friends were injured or killed by drunk drivers that happens all to often. One of my friends recieved this punishment a few years ago in court... and it has stayed with him.. His quote "I didnt hurt anyone in my DWI, but after that experience.. I felt like each person I told about thier family members, I felt like it was my fault".

Just an Idea.
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