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Default Re: Texans Mandatory Minicamp 6/11-13

Quote sheet Tuesday:

FS Ed Reed
(on if he feels like a Texan now that he is in Houston) “Yeah, man. Once I got everything done with my other team, you know, finished up everything, I gave it a 24-hour grace period to kind of let that soak in and make that transition, to really get acclimated. It’s going good. Guys are welcoming, like it was when I first came. Just starting to get it going.”

(on his timeline in Colorado) “I had surgery on April 30. I was there for four weeks. Just like I had surgery the last time, I stayed for about a month or whatever. That was the best thing to do, as far as the physical therapy. It’s going well right now. There’s really no timeline. I know what I want and I know what we want as an organization. We’re just going to keep on grinding and keep on working and shoot for September.”

(on potentially playing in the first game of the season) “Like I said, we’re going to keep working out this offseason. Once training camp comes I’ll have a better bead on it, as far as my progress. Right now, I can tell you, it’s going well; going really good. No setbacks. I’m actually just coming from working out. As you can see, I’m a little fatigued from them getting the best of me. You know, that’s part of it. It’s looking really good right now.”

(on if he’ll be disappointed if he’s not ready to play in Week 1) “Like I said, we’re going to continue to work out. No disappointments because rehab is a process. I’m going to keep working out. Come training camp, like I said, I’ll have a better bead on it, a better feel for it. Right now, it’s still offseason and everybody’s working out.”

(on if he was surprised that he needed surgery and how that worked out) “Yeah. I mean, I really didn’t know. I knew there was something there but it didn’t seem major at all. Honestly, it was a slight tear and we did due diligence on both sides. Me, my doctor, Kap (Texans director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer Geoff Kaplan), the head doctor here and Dr. (Marc) Philippon; we all put our heads together to make the best decision and that was the best decision. We’re going through the process.”

(on if his hip injury was something that showed up after he had his physical before he signed) “Yeah. We just really had to look into it. Like I told Kap (Texans director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer Geoff Kaplan), once I came here and started to run, it’s like, ‘Let’s look at this again.’ We did an MRI, sent it to (Dr. Marc) Philippon and had a better image of it. It revealed two things. The other one was slightly and I thought it was a minor procedure that I had to have done, but being that it was a slight tear in the labrum. It took me back to when I knew it could have had happened but I played in the Super Bowl. It’s something that happened. Injuries happen in football all the time. We’re doing everything and I’m in the right place to rehab and to get this thing rolling.”

(on if he got an MRI when he was here for his visit) “No. After I came back, I got an MRI. We did everything. We did all kinds of stuff when I was here last time.”

(on when he thinks the tear occurred in his hip labrum) “If I go back to it, the only play I can look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback. But like I said, even then, I played in the Super Bowl and you saw what happened there. Even then, I had two MCL sprains; a second-degree one on my left in the Super Bowl in the first quarter and played through that. So, if you’ve got any questions, I think that can answer your questions about my heart and how I play and how I work. We’re going to go through this, process.”

(on if the quarterback he was referring to is Tom Brady) “It was, but it happened. (Tom) Brady called me after and apologized, but that’s neither here nor there. What happened, happened and we’re moving forward.”

(on how this latest hip injury is different from the one he had a couple years ago) “Aw, man, the one a couple years ago, he had to take a piece of my IT band. I had to have reconstructive surgery. I had to have some bone spurs shaved down. This was a minor procedure. I definitely feel a lot different than I felt last time. Like I said, it’s minor to the one I had in 2010, so the recovery is going a lot different. Being that I had surgery then, same surgery, I think the body is more receptive to it. I’m doing a lot of things differently than I was then; eating differently. When I stayed out in Vail, I had a chef out there who really helped me out, according to my diet. That helps to recover a lot better. Like I said, I’m a lot stronger. If you ask my trainers, if you ask my doctor, they can’t believe where I’m at right now. But it’s still a process and regardless, we’re going to be smart through it because at the end of the day the smartest thing to do is to be ready when it really counts; that’s the latter part of the season, when you’re trying to make that run or you’re making that run to the playoffs and on to the Super Bowl in New York.”

(on if having this injury could be a benefit in the sense that if he’s not ready to play until Week 3 or 4, he may be fresher at the end of the season) “We’re going to go through the process. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I know what my goal is and I know what the team goal is. But I know being here and just talking to everybody and even when you see Mr. Bob (McNair) there, it’s about being smart and getting the longevity out of it. The season is a grind, man. The season is a grind. Of course, you never want to have surgery. I fought with it, man, because I had to sit in an office by myself and they were like, ‘You’ve got to make a decision.’ And I’m in the office by myself, just praying, ‘Lord, I don’t know what to do.’ Because I don’t want to have surgery if I don’t have to. But the smartest thing to do, the smartest decision at the time was to have surgery.”

(on if it was in April that his hip was bothering him enough to have it looked at again) “It was like March, April. Yeah, like right before.”

(on how long he waited between thinking he might need surgery and actually deciding to have the surgery) “All it happened in like a day’s time. It happened like that. I talked to (Houston Texans general manager and executive vice president of football operations) Rick (Smith) and Rick was like, ‘Let’s get the doctors on it and see exactly what it is.’ The decision and everything happened so quick. It happened within a day’s time and I flew out to Vail. I really just flew out to Vail to get evaluated and if I had to have surgery, I was already there. Dr. (Marc) Philippon saw a tear and was like, ‘Look, a tear would heal pretty much everything else in the hip.’ Him and Dr. Myers had a talk in which; if you do the history, they know each other very well. Like I said, it was the right decision; had every head on it here. We’ll be fine. Trust me, we’ll be fine.”

(on if he had to have any bones shaved down during his surgery) “No. Not at all.”

(on if he will tell the media his goal) “I mean, when you set goals, do you tell people your goals? My goals are simple. My goal was to be part of this organization that welcomed me, that wanted me, that respected what I did knowing what I’ve done on the football field and know what I’m capable of doing. Yeah, I’m older but I’m still gonna give everything I’m going to give to this sport and definitely to this organization for what they’ve done for me, my family and how they’ve backed me. I’ve made promises that I intend to keep.

“I mean, my goal is New York, if you really want to know. And I think everybody knows that because that’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day. It’s not San Diego. It’s not Baltimore. It’s not New England. It’s not the Colts. It’s New York and I’m talking about Super Bowl, if you must know. That’s my goal. That’s our goal.”
(on the talent on the Texans’ defense and playing with them) “Oh, man. That was part of the decision to come here. I knew what these guys had. I knew what they’ve been going through. I knew the grind, I knew the battle that we’ve had when I was part of the Ravens. Like I said, they welcomed me. The door was open and I just want to be that piece that fits right in to the defense, that keeps that train rolling and start to make some plays.”

(on President Barack Obama giving him grief at the White House) “He wasn’t giving me grief, man. That’s the President. If you’re in any situation, any of those surroundings, when you’re with a team and the President’s talking to you; that’s what he’s doing. It was more like a conversation, man. He wasn’t joking on me or anything. That’s the President. I actually was answering him back and forth, so it was good, man. I enjoyed it.”

(on President Barack Obama saying he looked like an old man) “I mean, he’s not lying. I’ve been having the gray hairs since high school. My foundation, working with kids and stuff, it tends to do that. When you’re trying to help people, it tends to put a little bit more stress on you than the norm. It’s something I embrace, Obviously, I don’t cut my hair. I’m not putting the Just For Men in there to try to hide the gray and what not. It’s something I embrace as part of me. It says a lot. I have a lot of wisdom and I’ve experienced a lot.”

(on what he was saying back to President Barack Obama at the White House) “I just told him, ‘You know what your job can do to you.’ And he was like, ‘I understand exactly what you’re saying.’ It was a great time and I really enjoyed it.”

(on where he is at in his rehabilitation) “Week 7 tomorrow.”

(on what sorts of things he is doing in his rehabilitation) “Rehabbing and working out now.”
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