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Default Re: Texans Mandatory Minicamp 6/11-13

Quote sheet Tuesday:

Gary Kubiak
(on ILB Tim Dobbins working out with the team after missing OTAs) He looked good. Hes on top of his stuff. We had a lot of reps today. I was pleased with what we did at practice. We threw a lot at them and he handled himself today.

(on the plan with S Ed Reed) Hes been back for a couple of days now. Were just working the rehab process and continue what hes been doing in Atlanta and setting our gameplan for now up until training camp. But yeah, its good to have him back.

(on if he is encouraged with where S Ed Reed is at) I dont know. They tell me hes coming along fine and that everything is going good. Its just a matter of continuing the rehab process and obviously weve got a target date that were shooting for and hopefully it will work out.

(on ILB Tim Dobbins being back at practice) He looked fine. He did his job today. I thought they all did a good job. Its good to have him back.

(on ILB Tim Dobbins saying he hasnt spoken with Kubiak yet and what his message for Dobbins would be) Ive barely seen him yet today. Im glad to have him back. Im glad hes here. Weve got a lot of work to do and he had a lot of catching up to do, but he was on top of stuff today.

(on the veterans not participating in minicamp) Theyre just working out. Theyre working out with (head strength and conditioning coach) Cedric (Smith). What I wanted to do was take all the young guys and go back, everything we did the last month, and just kind of have a crash coursekind of a test in a lot of ways. Im not so concerned about the physical part right now, finding out where theyre at mentally. I was impressed with what they did today. They obviously looked at it hard and were ready to practice today so that was impressive.

(on the fitness level of ILB Tim Dobbins) We didnt do much. We were really a jog-through tempo today in what we were doing. We ran a little bit at the end.

(on if he feels good about where all of the first-team guys are at) I think Ive done that the last three or four years. I just think theyve had 10 good practices under their belts, healthy, relatively healthy with all the things that are going on as far as everybody being ready for camp. They dont need three more days of the same reps. These young guys need them. I think as a coach, its my job to get them in a position where they can compete to make a team. Thats why were trying to get them the reps.

(on WR DeVier Poseys progress) I was impressed today. I watched from afar while he was doing his work over there, but I watched him run and watched him work. Like I told him, hopefully he makes a real tough decision on us as we get towards camp and those PUP decisions and that type of stuff. Hopefully its going to be a very, very tough one, but hes doing his job. Hes working hard.

(on if he will have WR DeVier Posey on the field at all this week) Posey? No, absolutely not. No.

(on S Danieal Manning sticking around to watch the younger guys practice) It means he probably has nothing else to do. No, hes a great kid. Hes a mentor to those young guys. Hes just one of those guys that loves being around ball all the time. Hes standing back there with me making calls. I think thats great. As I told the guys just before we left a few minutes ago, everybody cant make our team, but everybody can make it in this league. So were trying to help everybody have a chance to play in the National Football League. Weve got a lot of guys working hard to do that.

(on T David Quessenberry) Im impressed with how far hes come. Hes obviously been put in a very tough spot, but sometimes thats how you find a heck of a player. So hes working as a starting right tackle in a lot of situations along with (T) Ryan Harris. You never know. There have been some sixth and seventh round draft choices in this league start and be great players. With the work hes getting, hes going to get a good chance to have that type of situation as a young player, so well see what happens.

(on if he thinks ILB Tim Dobbins hurt himself by not coming out for OTAs) No, theyre voluntary. Thats the way it works.

(on the health status of RB Arian Foster and T Duane Brown) Theyre both doing fine. Arian is doing good. Duane had to shave the situation he had on his ankle. Hes up and around and doing good.

(on the progress of QB Case Keenum) Its been very impressive. Hes very comfortable in what hes doing. Its second nature to him now, so you see his talents taking over. He did some great things over OTAs. He ran the team today. Its going to be very competitive when we go to camp. He knows that. Everybody knows that in what weve seen, but thats what we expected. He took advantage of last year. Thats what a young guy on a practice squad does. He took advantage of it and hes ready to compete now.

(on the progress of T Brennan Williams and his knee) Its slow. He needs to be out here, but hes not. Nothing we can do. My biggest concern with him, hell be ready for camp, but my biggest concern is his conditioning. All these young guys know what Houston is about and know about the heat and have been doing a pretty good job of that. He hasnt even begun to figure that one out. Thats my biggest concern right now.

(on what T Brennan Williams had done to his knee and if he had to have anything repaired) Im not sure what he had. He just had a clean-up, whatever that means.

(on if the team knew S Ed Reed would need surgery on his hip after going through the physical when signing with the team) I guess the best way for me to answer that is that we did not expect for him to have to have a surgery, if thats what youre asking me. After he started to have some issues during his workout routine, we thought the best thing to do was to get it cleaned up like he did the previous time, which obviously we werent a part of. Hes been through this process before, but once this started to bother him, obviously we got aggressive in getting him ready to go for the season.

(on if he knew he had a torn labrum in his hip) No, obviously I didnt know.
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