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Default Give us more disrespect!!!!

Cowboys trash talked on "Hard Knocks" on HBO...come September 9th they weren't being smart mouthed.

Miami players told Texans before game..."see you after this practice game" guess going 0-1 when everyone in world said you going to Super Bowl as a lock was an embarassing practice.

I read every NFL scouting mag they all give us little or no chance to do anything but be a "Cellar Dweller", most seem to think we will be lucky to beat last years total..........I LOVE IT!!!!

I have been encouraging San Diego fans to tell Chargers to trash talk us before game and especially in print, would love to see what would happen with another show of disrepect.

I plan to contact and say you need to tab humor as a humor article not like it's anything but opinion

PS David Carr doesn't wear his wedding ring anymore, that is a piece of tape he wears so when theyshow his hand his wife can see it
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