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Default Re: Any card/memorabilia collectors here?

Wow great story. That's awesome with the #37 thing a diamond in the rough. I got to meet with him and chat as well at the show last year. The dealer i bought the
helmet from to get signed got me to the back where all the wholesaler merchandise was at. All the players booked for the show were back there signing piles and piles of jerseys, photos, balls, and helmets. He introduced me to Arian and i was like a kid at the candy store all cheese face with excitement lol.

As far as cards go i can tell you this much, in the collecting world no one goes by book value anymore. A card's value is strictly based off completed sales value on eBay. eBay was the death of traditional collecting and the reason alot of small mom and pop shops closed down. If you or anyone else has an itch to start collecting again or just want a different forum to chat on and meet new folks visit

It's mainly a collector site but they also have sports talk sections to just chat it up about football/baseball/basketball and other sports as well. If you join send me a pm same user ID as here

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