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Originally Posted by eriadoc View Post
I used to collect various items, but I more or less stopped years ago. The only things I've gotten since the Texans have been in existence are an AJ signed football, a football signed by a few early Texans, and some autographed football cards. I also picked up a football signed by Earl recently, that is the centerpiece of what memorabilia I have displayed.

What other memorabilia have you found?

Originally Posted by Say Watt View Post
I have some decent stuff. An Arian Foster signed ball, Mario signed ball, Cushing signed photo, Ken Griffey, Jr signed ball, Craig Biggio signed ball, a hat signed by Barry Bonds, and a few other items. I collected cards as a kid and have a pretty decent baseball card collection. My prized cards are a bunch of Griffey, Bagwell, and Biggio cards I have. Nothing too valuable though.

Originally Posted by b0ng View Post
I just recently got a Cushing signed ball, and a Bruce Matthews signed football. My Mother-in-law got this for me a few days ago, ran into Kubiak at a truck dealership:

Originally Posted by eriadoc View Post
Oh, I have a bunch of cards from when I was a kid. And that was a long time ago, LOL. I have a number of cards that are high book value, but they probably only grade a 7-8, so I've just held on to them.
Cool stories guys. I actually have a few nice items and a very nice Andre Johnson and Brian Cushing card collection along with a few Arian and Watt auto cards as well. Here's a few pics of the memorabilia i have:

Arian Foster signed full size authentic helmet i picked up at the TriStar show last year

Cushing autographed On field Jersey and 16x20 autographed Photo with custom frame

Here's a link to my photo bucket if you'd like to check out all my player card collections.

Yes I'm an adult that still collects football cards as a hobby. You'd be surprised most collectors nowadays are grown men. Card boxes have become so expensive it's not something a kid could pick up like we used to as children.

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