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Default 2013 Texans Draft Grades

I realize the draft is not done, but I doubt the Texans make a move to get into the 7th. If they do, I will revise accordingly.

Round 1, Pick 27- Clemson WR DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins, 6’1” 214 lbs Grade: A+
We all knew receiver was a need, so the Texans went out and got and addressed it. Hopkins is a big receiver with strong hands, and will compete for every ball. He has good body control and thus runs fantastic routes, which allows him to get open despite not being a burner (though he certainly has adequate speed). While Hopkins may not have the upside of Hunter or Patterson, he is definitely a safer pick, and a surer bet to contribute right away. For a win-now team such as the Texans, that is a huge factor. However, Hopkins is not destined to be just a number 2 (as Woods or Allen may turn out). Hopkins has the raw physical gifts to become a true number 1 receiver. A+ pick, no doubt.

Round 2, Pick 57- South Carolina S D.J. Swearinger, 5’11” 208 lbs Grade: A
Swearinger will not only replace GQ, but will make us forget about him in a hurry. Swearinger is a smart kid and a ferocious hitter who will give the D some teeth. What prevents this pick from being an “A+” is that I think he will be a bit frustrating due to his propensity to get penalties, as well as his tendency to go for the big hit in lieu of just wrapping up the ball-carrier. Still, I am absolutely stoked about the pick.

Round 3, Pick 89- North Carolina OT Brennan Williams, 6’6” 318 lbs Grade: A
Another great pick by the Front Office. Williams is a pure RT prospect who can a real SOB out on the field. Long arms to keep pass rushers at bay, and can move pretty well (though not as well as, say, Brown). As an added bonus, Williams’ father played in the league for a long time. If there is a weakness, it is that he is a bit raw as a result of him being a starter for just a season and a half. With some good coaching, Williams can become a very good RT for the Texans.

Round 3, Pick 95- LSU OLB Sam Montgomery, 6’3” 262 lbs Grade: B
This pick is the first one that makes me a little nervous. There is no denying that Montgomery has talent- he does, in bushels. However, he is not going to be an elite pass-rusher, I just don’t see the explosion and bend that the elite guys have. I also have reservations about his ability to cover in space, but since there is little to no tape on that, I can’t really comment. Montgomery is a relentless player on the field though, and is a solid tackler with good instincts. It is unlikely that he will start this year (unless they do move either him or Reed to ILB), but he should see the field a solid amount as a rookie.

Round 4, Pick 124- UCONN OLB Trevardo Williams, 6’1” 241 lbs Grade: B
I like this pick, but I am cautious. Williams is very quick and explosive, but is raw (needs to learn pass rushing techniques) and needs gain some strength in his lower body. I highly doubt he ever becomes an every down player, as he is simply terrible against the run- gets swallowed by blockers, and does a poor job figuring out where the ball carrier is going. However, he can be a double digit sack guy coming in on passing situations.

Round 6, Pick 176- San Jose State OT David Quessenberry, 6’5” 302 lbs Grade: A
Quessenberry is a former TE that has tons of athletic talent, almost tailor-made for the ZBS. He also exhibits a nice nasty streak, which you want to see in OL prospects. However, the guy needs to beef up and to work on his technique, especially in pass protection. I definitely don’t expect him to do much this year, but in 2014 he should make for a great swing tackle. I do see buzz about him being a candidate to be moved inside, but I think he is a better fit at tackle. We will see though.

Round 6, Pick 195- Jacksonville State WR Alan Bonner, 5’10” 193 lbs Grade: F
Ugh. Disclaimer- I know next to nothing about this guy. If this bothers you, skip to the next pick. However, the fact that I knew nothing about the kid says something, as I have spent far too many hours scouting the draft. He has lackluster stats (at the FCS level, no less), and poor workout numbers. It’s a 6th, so it hardly affects the draft’s grade, but I would much rather have seen just about any other receiver taken here. Terrible pick in my opinion.

Round 6, Pick 198- Bowling Green NT Chris Jones, 6’2” 302 lbs Grade: B
I want to like this pick more than I do. It’s a NT, and Jones is a high effort player. However, I just can’t give more than a “B” here, and I think that is generous. I don’t see a lot of upside, but he should be a solid backup. You can’t really ask for more out of a 6th rounder.

Round 6, Pick 201- UCONN TE Ryan Griffin, 6’6” 261 lbs Grade: C
This grade is more a reflection of the position than the player. It’s not that I don’t think we could use a good TE- I want another top-notch guy- but that I don’t think Griffin improves the team that much. He is big and can do everything decently, but he is not ever going to be an elite blocker or receiver. I don’t hate the pick, but I am just not excited. And that is a “C” grade- the pick is just average.

Summary/Final Grade: A
Did you expect anything else? Hopkins, Swearinger, B. Williams, Montgomery and T. Williams will contribute immediately, while Quessenberry has long term potential. Sure the draft kind is nothing special near the end, but 6th rounders are not expected to do much. Very nice draft, could possibly be the best ever in franchise history.
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