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Default Re: NT or DE in first 3 picks

Originally Posted by srrono View Post
The more I look at Texans DLine it screams help.

A.Smith final year in contract.

T.Jamison returning from right Achilles tear on Oct.14 2012.

David Hunter returning from injuring his toe during practice that required surgery.

Ra'shon Harris is in final yr of contract and returning from tearing his right triceps.

Earl Mitchell final year contract.

S.Cody is a FA and with back injury.(gone)

Terrell McClain final year contract.

Only depth that is healthly and not in final year of contract is J.Crick.

Lots of questions on players returning from major injuires.

After 2013 only Watt & Crick & Hunter under contract.

If I missed something let me know.

First 3 pick in any order IMO are WR-NT/DE-LB

The player they chose will be able to play both NT and DE.

I have been preaching this the whole offseason. It reflects in my mock.

1.) Jonathan Hankins DT. I have been going back and forth between Hankins and Short for a while. Today it's Hankins. Hankins is big but has the talent and versatility to play anywhere on the DL.

2.) DaRick Rogers WR. Just like I did with the first pick I have have gone back and forth with this pick. Only I have three guys here that I'm struggling to choose from. Patton, Dobson and Rogers. I feel Any of these guys would contribute right away and would at the very least become the #2 WR almost immediately. I went with Rogers because I feel out of the 3 he has the most potential to eventually become AJ's replacement as our #1 WR.

3.) Travis Kelce TE. He fits our team better than any TE in the draft IMO. He is the best blocking / receiving in this draft. This allows us to trade OD now or let him walk after this year helping to free up cap space to sign Watt and Cushing to extensions. Kelce was used a lot like we use our TE's. He went in motion a lot and was very good at being a lead blocker and an H back out of those type plays. Because of this he should be able to not only pick up our offense quickly but excel in it.

3.) Kenny Stills WR. Stills is the best WR that no one talks about in this draft. I know people will think this is high for him. I don't! He reminds me a lot of Kendal Wright Baylor in last years draft. He is that good. Watch his highlights and what really stands out is that he gets very good separation and he is very conscious of getting BOTH feet in bounds on sideline and endzone catches.

4.) Zac Dysert QB. I love Dysert. I wanted him to come out last year so we could draft him. He is the perfect QB to groom behind Schaub while he plays out his contract.

5.) Reid Fragel OT Ohio St. Has the athletic ability to play in this system. Former TE who could be our future RT.

6.) Kwame Geathers NT. I know people will say I already drafted a NT in the first so why another one here. I watched a lot of Georgia's game tape and Geathers when on the field surprised me with very good hustle and agility for a guy his size. There were plays where he ran 35 yards down field chasing plays.

He played his best when playing against bigger OL. When he went up against smaller guys who went low on him is where he had problems. He won't have that problem in the NFL. He would of been a full time starter next hear and surely improved his draft stock greatly. We are lucky he came out early and we have the chance to get him with a 6th round pick. Great size, willingness to hustle, good bloodlines all add up to him being a quality player once he gets some pro Coaching and develops more technique.

I could easily see him being a very good starting 3/4 NT in the near future. A DL of Watt, Geathers and Hankins would look a lot like a younger version of Baltimore's DL of the last several years.

6.) Zac Anderson DE/OLB northern Michigan. My biggest sleeper In this draft.

School: Northern Michigan University (Division II)
Height: 6-3
Weight: 280
40 time: 4.62
Bench Press Reps: 33
Vertical: 35 inches
20-Yard-Dash: 2.69
10-Yard-Dash: 1.68
Broad Jump: 10 feet
Squat 750
Highlight Tape:


- Has elite get off.
- Uses his hands very well to eliminate blockers quickly.
- Has elite intangibles and is apparently a very intelligent guy.
- Has an amazing motor.
- Very raw in his technique at times and would need continued development.
- Only had 1 sack his senior year but played through an ankle injury that should've ended his season (that game tape is him WITH the ankle injury).

7.)George Winn RB. I fell in love with this guy while watching Film of Kelce. He is a very hard high effort runner that is hard to bring down Nd fights for every yard. Watch some of his film before you judge this pick. I bet you will be surprised.

I know it's not the most common names but I have really latched on to these guys and hope we get as many of them as possible. In the first and second round I would be very happy with any of the alternatives I listed.
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