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Originally Posted by LMBH
Help me to understand why things would heat up after the second year! Some interesting situations have transpired that doesn't reflect on coaching ability. Last year was a good one, when only a few people, including many Cowboys fans, believed it possible to win more than five or six games. Save any easy schedule excuses, because there was still some great coaching to take what we had and work it into a positive situation. Only firing I can recall after a good year of coaching happened to Bum Phillips.
Things will heat up after the second year because the Cowboys are supposed to be progressing toward a Super Bowl. Last year they made the playoffs. If they don't make the playoffs this year, that will be a step backwards. Many Cowboys fans, who are the most fairweather fans in football, will be upset if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs. The tension of a losing season could also cause some friction between Jones and Parcells. Neither one of those guys has ever handled friction with much style and grace.
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