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Default Re: Henson Impressive

Originally Posted by Huge
Of Henson's 11 pass attempts, he completed 8:

Darian Barnes (2nd Teamer)
Antonio Bryant (2nd Teamer)
Rashard Lee (4th Teamer)
Patrick Crayton (3rd Teamer)
Jason Witten (2nd Teamer)
Randall Williams (2nd Teamer)
Julius Jones (2nd Teamer)

Those were the players on the receiving end. Now I don't recall anybody saying the reason why Henson looked impressive was because he had all day to sit back and throw the ball because it was Dallas' #1 OL vs Houston's #2 DL. In fact, he was sacked in the 3rd QTR (but I guess Dallas still had their #1's in at that time...right?).
I don't follow the C'boys very closely, so I'm sure you're right. Don't C'boy fans consider Witten and Bryant front line players? Did Bryant play with Testeverde in the game? Perhaps our difference is definitional. I consider Bradford, Gaffney and Johnson all to be first teamers, along with Bruener, Miller and Norris.

Also, I was only watching Babin at that point of the game and I'm pretty sure that the right tackle hadn't changed, although we'd changed Walker, DeLoach and Smith. That's why I said OL versus DL, although I confess I couldn't name the starting O-line of the C'boys and I have no idea if some were hurt, etc.
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