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Default Re: rmartin65 Final 2013 Mock

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Barrington is South Florida 2nd best prospect, Kayvon Webster is their best. Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

remember having mocked Terron Armstead several months ago as my 4th/5th rd. sleeper. then came out East-West Shriners game, then added to Senior bowl, looked very good & people escalated him to late 2nd early 3rd. after that combine where he proceeded to run his 4.71 forty. ascending now to possible first rd. pick. Flashback to Newton another Arkansas small school prospect & you see the Texans possible attraction. It would be a good situation for both player & organization, has the athletic body/tools to develop however screams luxury pick & would be new swing tackle, that's a heavy investment for need despite player upside. remember Newton was selected in 7th.

Love Dobson, has the measureable Texans covet. Took Terrance Williams over him in 2nd but could easily switch to Dobson if TW off the board. He ran a 4.55 which is about what I expect Keenan Allen to run when healthy. Similar talent to Lestar Jean with better core strength.

Considered Corey Lemonier in 3rd over Chase, better athlete has tantalizing but lacks production comparatively. Only 5.5 sacks, of course played in SEC great meaureables in comparison to Chase but just doesn't produce same level. Will be graded higher because of potential. Perfect spot to address this important need.

DJ is a very good safety prospect. like this selection. strong physical tackler which you like to see out of safety position, good replacement for Quin & Ed Reed to develop.

Understand need to address RB position with Forsett gone bye bye & Tate injury history to add quality depth behind Foster, just don't see need to spend this high of pick on one. Has a compact build like Maurice Jones Drew, maybe Greg Jones can be his lead blocker back-end of career if so could really work.

Boyd was on my radar all season but for one reason of another had a disappointing season. Like adding a big body DT late but don't trust his motor or work ethic. now seems more like a 6th/7th rd. developmental player. might be better keeping weight off & flipping to RDE, not stout enough to plug middle next level see you added a legit NG prospect in 7th with upside/size & athletic ability needed for position.

Glad you double dipped in WR class as well, makes a lot of sense. remember watching him last season with Sanu, big dependable target has core strength & blocking ability with better speed than I expected. Solid pick.

Overall all solid mock as usual. understand thought process & like fact you keep it real & original. tough to keep up with everything in busy schedule to boot, shows passion & zeal for process.

Thanks BL.

Armstead is definitely a pick for the future, which I realize is not what some want. However, long term, I think this is the way to go.

On Boyd- I was stuck. I really think the NT spot needs to be upgraded, but I liked the way the mock wsa setting up. Maybe take bb's guy (Hankins) in the first, then developmental OT here?

Originally Posted by Rey View Post
I don't see us going OT in the first round unless the team sees him as a starter this year...

I like Dobson, but 1) I'd rather have Swope if both are on the board there and 2) I'd rather take a WR in the first round if the best we could do is Dobson in the second...
To be fair, I think Armstead pushed Newton by the time the playoffs role around.

As for Swope... I really like the kid. I have been a fan all year. However, the concussions worry me, they really do. I like Dobson almost as much, so I went with him instead.

Originally Posted by mussop View Post
There is no way Barrington is the best ILB in the draft. He does have good value that late though. The more I watch the later round LB's the more I think we will be able to get a pretty decent one from the 5th round down. What do you guys think of Marvin Burdette? I know he is short but watch some of his game tape. He takes on FB's and OG's like nobody's business.

Also check out Keith Pough.
Never said Barrington was the best, only that I think looking back that we will all consider him to be one of the best. If Ogletree keeps his head on straight, I think he is the best without a doubt.

I like Burdette, but his size is worrisome. I would have absolutely no problem with the Texans picking him.

I dont know much about Pough, though I hear good things.
Originally Posted by EVOLVIST View Post
Man, if the Texans draft OL that high in the draft I'm gonna sh!t a brick!

Not only does it say they have no faith in their depth, but it also says they are willing to screw with what little chemistry they already have going on the OL...and Lord knows their scheme is all about communication and chemistry.

They just resigned Harris.

There isn't a single plug-n-play guy at #27 that's going to come in make this line better. I just don't see it.

I like Barrington, too. But he's not plug-n-play like Kevin Minter, and the Texans need someone next to Cushing to fill that glaring gap, right NOW.

I like that you took an RB in this draft, which might be a little high, but it might be more realistic than Landry Jones at QB in my mock, since we still have Case on roster.

Don't get me wrong, after round #1 I like the mock, but Dobson over Da'Rick Rogers or Terrance Williams? I'll pass, but I won't be too up in arms.
Apparently I am the only one who likes Armstead in the 1st, interesting. I dont like our tackle depth. Brown is great. Newton would be best as a backup, as would Smith. Armstead can be groomed for the future. We wont be winning the Super Bowl with Smith/Newton as our RTs.

Dobson before TWill and Rogers, absolutely. I have never been a TWill fan- I think he is JAG at the next level. Rogers has all the talent in the world, but is dumber than a box of rocks.
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