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Default Re: BL 2013 Post Senior Bowl Texan Mock Draft

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Still in evaluation process coming off Combine performances but can update "Post Senior Bowl" dated mock with new info, hope some of you find insightful & how to tweak the process but tape still factors heavily for me.

1st. Rd. Datone Jones, DE/OLB, 6'4" 280, UCLA
Ranked 19th overall prospect & #4 DE in the draft by Rang. 6-4 283 lbs, 32 3/4" arm length & 10" hands. He ran impressive 4.80 forty (Watt ran 4.84). repped out 29 on bench (Watt 34). He's done nothing to change my mind & still my bpa if on the board #27.

2nd Rd. Quinton Patton, WR, 6'0" 202, Louisiana Tech

Ranked 41st overall prospect & #6th WR by Rang. 6-0 204, also 32 3/4" arms, 9 3/8" hands, only 8 reps. He ran his forty in 4.53, it's a deep class & still feel he could be available when Texans pick in the 2nd rd.

3rd. Rd. Brandon Williams, NT, 6'2" 341, Missouri Southern

Ranked 74th overall prospect & #8 in his DT class by Rang. Measured only -1 & 335 lbs. Average hand size 9 3/4" did 36 reps displaying strength as expected arm length decent 32 5/8". don't really care about his forty 5.3 more interested in his 10 yard split (unknown). Seems like early to mid 3rd rd prospect to me, very hard to be certain where he lands or how Texan Big Board ranks his skill set for Wade. Seems like a slightly bigger/stronger version of Earl Mitchell who was also a 3rd pick.

3rd. Rd. (compensatory pick for Mario): BW Webb, CB, 5'10" 183, William & Mary

Ranked 93rd overall prospect & #13 CB in class. Was impressive once again to me running his forty 4.51, 5-10 & 184 lbs. What did jump out on tape showed itself with over 40" vertical & 11ft. Broad. Explosive & decisive in drills. Solid 3rd rd. pick.

4th rd. Hugh Thornton, OG, 6'3" 313, Illinois

Added 7 lbs to 320 measured 6-3, ran decent 5.11 had really plus arm length 34 1/8". Solid core strength 27 reps good hand size 10" shuttle 4.63 (Brooks 4.52). Ranked 176th overall & #8th best OG prospect according to Rang & 5th rd. grade, but still feel off the board by time Texans would select so reason why he is in the 4th. Like his toughness & wrestling background.

5th Rd. Michael Williams, TE, 6'5" 272, Alabama
Have no idea why he wasn't invited to the combine? Ranked 228th overall prospect & 13th TE but to me he is a top 5 blocking TE with ability to start immediately. Strongly disagree with his 6th-7th rd. projection but that is good news for fans of his & Texans.

5th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Mike Brisiel) Jonathan Cyprien, S, 6'0 210 Florida International
Draft stock sky rocketed too high for my taste, 42nd overall? #2 SS prospect in the draft? 4.56 forty, 38.5 vert @ 6-0 217 lbs pretty impressive. However I will have to adjust & change to John Boyett, Oregon 5-10 204 ran 4.4 forty with 27 reps.

5th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Joel Dresseen) Jeff Locke, P, 6'0" 208 UCLA
Ranked 296th & 4th Punter in the draft by Rang.

6th. Rd. Kyle Juszczyk, FB, 6'1" 250
Ranked 163rd overall & #2 FB in the draft according to Rang.

7th. Rd. Robbie Rouse, RB 5'7" 190, Fresno State
RB rankings are trash. There is so much value, the perception is why even bother spending a pick on one? 373rd rated prospect & 27th on the board. Yet @ the combine he ranked 11th in the short shuttle 4.25, tied for 6th in 60 yard shuttle 11.56, tied for 12th in 3 cone 6.97, 12th vert 34". For comparable Alfred Morris vert last year was 35.5" 3 cone 7.01, 4.19 short shuttle & 11.86 60 yard shuttle.

7th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Jason Allen) Vince Williams, ILB, 6'1" 250, Florida State
Ranked 249th & 10th overall ILB prospect by Rang. Good value & still solid selection but have upgraded need/player coming in next version.
Nice job overall! I am working on my post combine mock and wanted to offer some feedback.

1. I actually thought his 40 time was a bit slower than expected. Watt who is almost 2 inches taller and almost 15 lbs heavier ran it only 0.04 second slower. That said, 40 times for DL aren't what is important to me, I am more interested in bench(for strength) and cone drills, and 10 yard splits for agility, athleticism. I need to look up his times. However, the eyeball test tells me that he is a potential 2 DL positional player. For me that is what is important considering the lack of help on the rest of the UCLA DL.

2. The WRs are a mystery to me. I literally have no idea who will be available at the 1st round pick let alone the second. I maintain that there are probably 10 good wrs who would help this team in the short and longterm. Patton is one of those guys and I would be happy with him here.

3. Ah!!! My boy BW! Yes. I agree he is a stronger, bigger, version of Earl Mitchell. To me, thats a great thing. Earl is good for what he is, but he gets pushed around a bit too much. A bigger version would allow Wade more room for error. I also think he mid 2nd-mid 3rd. Big reasonably athletic 330lbs NTs don't grow on trees and tend to get selected early on day 2.

3. VERY explosive, small school prospect. I hate to say sleeper because everyone knows who he is. Good speed, size, and able to play man. Not sure about zone, but he looks like a good fit for man.

4. Agree he should be off the board by the fourth. Good prospect, nice wrestling background. My fear is that he is only a OG prospect. Not nimble enough to play C, not strong enough to play OT. I would prefer a more versatile OL.

5. I keep coming back to him too. I have flirted with numerous other TEs, but I keep coming back to big Mike. Superior blocking means immediate starter and ability to catch means defenses have to be honest. I cant tell you how much time I spent trying to find combine numbers and reports on him only to realize he wasn't invited!!!

5. John Boyett: an Oregon product. Athletic, speedy. Don't know much about him, so will defer to you here.

5. Locke looked good...unfortunately too good at the combine and senior bowl. I could see him as a 4th rounder in the draft. Much as I like him, I can't quite spend a 4th on him. If he is here in the fifth, I'd probably pull a muscle running up to the podium!

6. Can't argue too much with Kyle Juszczyk. I prefer Boren only because I think he could be acquired later and has potential as a LB as well.

7. Pass. He is 5'6, 190lbs and he runs a 4.8 40. At his size, he should be somewhere in the 4.4 range, not the 4.8 range. He was running the same speed as people who outweighed him by 30+lbs. Small and slow is not a good combination.

7. LOVE it!. I have him as a 6th round pick in the mock I am working on. I agree he is a great fit as the #2 ILB in the Wade 3-4 and would provide excellent depth. He is a 2 down LB at best and quite frankly a good 2 down LB next to Cush is exactly what the team needs.

A well thought out, well scouted, and very good mock. Then again, BL, I would expect nothing less from you!


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