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Originally Posted by gtexan02
OK since no one is posting, I'll go ahead and add another recipe. This one is for chicken marsala.

Take some flower, and to it add salt and pepper. Take very thin slices of chicken (this makes them taste more like veal), dip them in milk, and then dip them in the flower mix. Using butter, cook the dipped chicken until the outside covering is a nice brown, and the inside is white (don't overcook! they get so dry). Remove the chicken

Add a little more butter if you need it, and then add mushrooms (as many as you want). Cook the mushrooms for a while, until they lose their chewiness. Once they have cooked, add the marsala wine. When cooking 2-3 chicken breats, I usually use about a cup. Cook the wine at a low simmer for a while (make sure the alcohol burns off) and make sure to scrape the bits of brown off the bottom of the pan (from cooking the chicken). If you need to, add more flour mixture until the sauce gets a little thicker. Once it has thickened, add the chicken back in and cook it all together until its all warm, and enjoy!
What kind of flower? Wildflower,sunflower?? JOKING
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