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Default Re: All Encompassing Matt Schaub Thread

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
I don't recall anyone stating that the players hated Kubiak or that they were being disrespected by Mcnair and management for keeping Kubiak around. Hell, even some of the people that hate Kubiak the most over the years haven't reached that far on their agendas to blast Kubiak. You're right that I've never seen any players blast Kubiak. Only the opposite. Not that I can recall any way. This recent part of the discussion was about whether or not if the players on the team were being disrespected because the team wouldn't release Schaub.

You have always been a pretty intelligent person DB. Surely, you can agree that is a far stretch for an agenda of hyperbole. The Texans are a pretty tight nit team and have been for years. And if we were to suggest that the team is being disrespected, shouldn't we be saying that about every player that isn't playing that well or that hit a slump towards the end of the year? Not only that, but the team can't just release their starting QB when there are cap implications and when they don't have a good replacement. They just signed Schaub so there is no way they would release him now. Suggesting that Mcnair is disrespecting the other 52 members of the team is comical considering the situation.
My entire point was that some folks are acting like the lack of public comments from the players means they all support him. And you, of all folks, have used that to defend Shaub.

By the same logic, nobody has ever publicly criticized Kubiak. So by logical extension, this should be seen as a good sign for Kubiak. Yet, you don't like Kubiak and dismiss this aspect.

See, agendas can be twisted to any sort of perception.

My own take is that neither Kubiak or Schaub have what it takes to win a Lombardi, but I realize we we stuck with these two for many more years. We can enjoy winning seasons and some playoff runs in the meantime, but temper expectations with reality.

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
How do you even compare the two? You make this statement as if they are two boxers or MMA fighters who fought the same dude and there weren't a ton of other players that impacted the both games. Not exactly the same when they both played two teams, and when Yates threw for what 3 or 4 picks? Schaub didn't play great by any stretch, but I don't see how that tells one thing as far as a comparison. We could have had Flacco out there or Eli Manning and still lost to the Patriots and the Ravens in both of those games. Schaub's play did fall off towards the end of the season for sure though. There is no denying that.

Yates won't be our starter for any long term situation. We'll end up bringing in some other guy at some point or we'll draft someone else. Yates might get a shot at it for a while if Schaub struggles next season, but I highly doubt that he'll keep the job for any long stretch.
Originally Posted by deucetx View Post
Don't you think that is a bit of a too blanket comparison? I know the media has it built in where winning and losing is all on the quarterback but the truth is at the end of the day it is a team game. Neither of these guys are the types that can take a team upon themselves and despite ill production from other elements go get us a win against top tier teams. That's just the truth of it right now.

But saying their playoff performances equal just because of where they took us is a stretch. Yates had to do nothing but management in the playoffs.

Yates - 29/55 343yards 1 TD 3 INT 63.25 QBR
Schaub - 63/89 605yards 2TD 2 INT 87 QBR

Sorry but this isn't even close. Not in a single playoff game last year did Yates even throw for 200 yards. Against the Ravens he had a potent running game with Foster running for 132yards with a 4.9 average and our offense easily outgained the Ravens because our defense was on point and shut Rice down (60yards with a 2.0avg) and did strong against Flacco yet we still lose? Many want to do the 'Blame Jacoby!' but the fact of the matter Yates telegraphed and pressed his passes into 3 interceptions and that hurt us just as much as Jacoby if not more.

So their two appearences were not equal. Not in the slightest. The Patriots game our defense was freaking horrible and couldn't even line up correctly so that lost wasn't soley on Schaub. Put Schaub in that game against the Ravens last year and we most likely win because he's not going to go around flinging 3 interceptions.

And I say this as someone who isn't a Schaub fan but a bit more realistic about what we have. Yates has yet to demonstrate anything to make him starter material. Maybe this offseason that can change but past work?
While I certainly appreciate all those words for little ol' me, please understand that I am not advocating anything for TJ Yates. Dude is a back up QB.

That being said, Schaub ain't all that, either. Maybe 2010 Schaub was something, but what we ended up with last season is what it is. A very immobile, noodle-armed QB whose arm either wore out or has lost it's strength, and makes very questionable decisions in big games. None of those traits are a good thing, but all three in today's league? Signs of futility in our future.

Schaub is not even a poor-man's version of Trent Dilfer right now, so that argument doesn't even hold water to hope that we can be the Texans version of the 2000 Ravens.

Hey, y'all might believe different, and probably do, and that's fine. I'm just basing my opinions on what I saw at the end of 2012, and that's who Schaub is right now. Dude is a pedestrian QB who will need Herculean players around him and on defense, because he's not the guy who will put this team on his back and win games.

I want to like the guy. I want to root for him. As a Texans fan, I want great things for all these dudes. But what I want does not blind me to the fact of what is in front of our eyes. I'm going to hope for the best, but I will straight up tell you that my expectations are very low as long as we have mediocre people in key positions.
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