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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Well the Titans don't worry me any more than they've ever worried me. I wasn't looking for a massive meltdown this year or anything like that. I think we're going to make progress against the Titans (I predict a 1-1 split) not because they're going to be worse but because we're going to be better.

And there's no way on earth they could be worse for not having Eddie George and Jevon Kearse anymore. Sure everyone says all the polite things but I've never seen a team grieve over the loss of a 3 ypc running back (which is what Eddie has been for a couple of years) nor would they miss something that they rarely had in Kearse. He was always hurting.

They lost something in Robaire but replacing one player who regularly contributes is a lot easier than replacing three or four. On the surface it looks like they lost a lot but for the most part they'd already adjusted to not having Wycheck, George, and Kearse so they'll still be tough. We're just going to be tougher this time.
I agree with most of what you said.

And J-mac will be replaced with Calico Is he ready yet I can honestly say I don't know but when he does settle in the NFL life he will be another one of those that can sell jerseys.

Texans get better every year and I see a for sure threat to beat us at least once. Robair we will do fine without him since well the Titans have had a different starting D-line every season since 1999 and have done fine they and carter has moved to DT.

Fisher believes in developing young guys to be starters even as backups in case we lose a starter to Injury or salary cap...thats the main reason you rarely see the Titans go after guys in FA. FIsher understands that most of a teams cash goes to 15% of the players so he wants his young guys to be ready.

Titans fans like to use the phrase "we reload not rebuild". 2005 though we will lose so many faces rivals will be happier and Titans fans will be very upset but still as optimistic as ever (we have to support our team no matter what).
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