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Default Re: BL 2013 Post Senior Bowl Texan Mock Draft

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Texan Mock based off this years Senior Bowl prospects only. Not included are record number of highly touted underclassman. Really satisfied with needs addressed except ILB, just a weak overall class which may prompt Texans to be active before the draft in free agency like a Dannell Ellerbe (feel like we owe Ravens something). Anyway with Cushing back he will automatically improve position, addressed DL in a big way, added a legitimate WR to go along with Andre, CB help as well safety, OL depth/possible starter for RG, extra emphasis on special teams (with last years kicker Bullock Texans will be set for next decade) blocking TE who can turn into red zone threat & overall depth.

Can you dig it, man

1st. Rd. Datone Jones, DE/OLB, 6'4" 280, UCLA
Jones has frame to play 5 tech DE to bookend Watt. Powerful, fluid, strong hands really had a big Senior Bowl week. Not as dominant as Ezekial Ansah but solid nevertheless more in the mold of last years 21st overall pick Chandler Jones. Has short area quickness, ability to stack & shed blockers with regularity. Impressive interview & rocked up @ weigh-in with proverbial bubble butt. Very intriguing, fast rising, pass rushing prospect to keep an eye on.

2nd Rd. Quinton Patton, WR, 6'0" 202, Louisiana Tech

Patton was impressive all week in practice & showed out on special teams & blocking down field. Reminds me of Steve Smith. Solid build, fluid, positive body language, always works to the ball doesn't just wait for the ball to come to him. Also like Aaron Dobson, Marshall good looking WR prospect but doubt will have same productivity as Patton (eye candy). Ideal size, good week of practice just a step behind Terrance Williams, good value end of 2nd. Looking for combination of biggest impact to offense & ability to easily transition into the NFL without the growing pains. Texans need to add impact receiver early in either round one or two with record number of underclassman highly rated @ WR position this should help push a good one like Patton to Texans.

3rd. Rd. Brandon Williams, NT, 6'2" 341, Missouri Southern

Secret is out now. Like a bowling bowl mowing down pins for strikes he overwhelms blockers with stunning hand punch, brute force & leverage using explosive first step to gain advantage. Would compliment Earl Mitchell who is similar in stature & added weight last off season to 308 who was forced into starting role with injury's to free agent Shaun Cody. This is a critical need that should be addressed & Brandon offers Texans skill set they will covet.

3rd. Rd. (compensatory pick for Mario): BW Webb, CB, 5'10" 183, William & Mary

Fluid hips, quick feet able to change & redirect position. Great fit for nickle to replace injured free agent Brice McCain. Has some ball hawk skills possess good hands & does a nice job returning punts. If corner was a bigger need I would look @ Trufant or Poyer in the first round but other than loss via free agency Texans are pretty set outside with Jackson & Joseph. BW would create a nice addition to secondary & worth a 2nd day selection.

4th rd. Hugh Thornton, OG, 6'3" 313, Illinois

Would love to add Larry Warford but he looks like a 2nd rd. pick to me. I noticed Thornton execute a nice cut block on a nice red zone TD ran by Franklin so I'm sold even though he doesn't look like a natural knee bender. Plays with some nasty demeanor too like Brisiel. Would upgrade depth across the OL while in direct competition to win the starting RG position.

5th Rd. Michael Williams, TE, 6'5" 272, Alabama
Primarily thought of as a traditional in line blocking TE but displayed soft, reliable hands one in fact over his shoulder catch for the South first TD. He probably helped himself move higher one round which should be reason why all Senior players offered the chance to compete in Mobile should accept, anyone who doesn't maybe has something to hide? Williams would provide much needed pass protection off the edge, another down field blocker & red zone target.

5th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Mike Brisiel) Jonathan Cyprien, S, 6'0 210 Florida International
Fine looking prospect capable of playing either safety position. Good size & closing speed his stock will probably soar after this week based off measureables & his steady climb to first team Sun Belt saftey after two seasons on 2nd team. Played on same team with TY Hilton & quickly ascend to 3rd safety for Texans which means a lot of reps as a rookie.

5th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Joel Dresseen) Jeff Locke, P, 6'0" 208 UCLA
Booms his punts with excellent hang time & distance (52.4 yard average). Anger was selected in the 3rd rd. last year by the Jags & was one of their few bright spots. Coaches/scouts during practices commented when hearing the boom on contact with football he reminded them of Bryan Anger, upgrading special teams cannot be that tough but Marciano or next special teams coach must have some commitment in their own talent pool, Donnie Jones was merely another stop gap.

6th. Rd. Kyle Juszczyk, FB, 6'1" 250
Smart, physical excellent in pass pro & creating seams. Type of player you want on your side, in the trenches, high character, work ethic best blocker Senior Week in practice. Texans have another chance to improve a position late in the draft all they need to do is commit to change.

7th. Rd. Robbie Rouse, RB 5'7" 190, Fresno State

Hard to find load with explosive cuts can run inside the tackles. Huge thighs very hard to wrap around or trip up with lower center of gravity, had career rushing total of 4,625 yards, this past season added 58 receptions out of the backfield, could be this years version of Alfred Morris taking some of the pressure/reps off Foster.

7th. Rd. (compensatory pick for Jason Allen) Vince Williams, ILB, 6'1" 250, Florida State
Thumper with attitude in Seminole tradition. Best inside LB in Mobile this week who had a much lower grade coming in but think he moved up based off performance. Strong willing body who shoots gaps & not afraid to take on guards, in a thin crop he has risen & value is smart play late in the day.
Its tough to do a Senior only mock. Props to you for trying it!!!

1. Great selection, but as you said in your last line, "fast rising, pass rushing prospect to keep an eye on", he may get too high for Htown. QB, guy who protects the QB(LT) and guy who puts pressure on the QB tend to get drafted based on projection. I could see a team like New Orleans, take a flier on him.

2. Patton has been shooting up the draft boards. the small school prospect showed he belonged with the big school boys. Would be a great 2nd rounder. I would certainly consider him in the second, though I would be curious which over WRs may be available here.

3. Williams is a great selection and I love this pick. Your bowling ball reference is great. Initially the person who reminded me of a bowling ball was Mister Cobble. Problem was, whereas Williams was knocking down pins, CObble was sitting in the gutter too many times for comfort.

3. I like the idea, however I wonder if Trufant would be a better pick in the 1st. Kareem had a great year last year, but i think he would make a better Saftey. As a safety he could use his tackling and pass defelction skills better and wouldn't have to worry about WRs zipping by him. Move Jackson to S, and plug Trufant in at CB2 opposite Joseph?

4. Thornton looks like a good ZBS potential OG. I am concenred with some flexibility, but lateral and downfield movement look good. Some of his lack of knee bend may be sloppiness and coaching. Playing with a mean streak would be good for this team. Only thing is, I would prefer a bigger OG. Can he put on some more weight? I am tried of the Texans OL getting pushed around because they are relatively light.

5. REALLY like Williams, but his soft hands may have sent him shooting up the boards. He is already the best run blocker for a TE/FB/HB in the class. Having the ability to pass catch now means he could be used as a TE or a FB. Versatility means he may go up to late 3rd/4th rounder now. But, shoot, if he is here, I'd take him.

5. Solid choice. I don't see him competing for a Saftey starting spot and looks like depth/ Special teams to me. Still. getting anything for a 5th rounder supplemental is fantastic. I'd take it!

5. We have agreed on the need for upgrading the punter. I need to read more about Locke, so I will defer to you here.

6. Reminds me of Casey in that he can catch and block well. Not an elite blocker nor elite pass catcher. Better blocker than Casey, though not quite as good of a pass catcher. I think the FB should be more of a blocker anyway. Combine him with Williams and watch out!

7. Afraid to say, I don't know enough about him. Will defer. I like the idea of a late round RB to keep the well full. Is Kubiak smart enough to use him?

7. I like the player, but I am not sure he is the right fit or the team. I envision an ILB who is able to play the run, but not be a liability in the passing game. I have not seen enough footage of him to tell me he can handle the passign game. Perhaps he can with coaching. That said, I'd think long and hard about him in the 7th, though his best position may Cush's.

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