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Default Re: Badboy's Senior Bowl Evaluation

Originally Posted by badboy View Post
This game was much better managed by coaches than last year which was harder to follow than most. A disclaimer: There are many more players to try to keep up with each snap than a regular game. Also, all players were seniors and even some of them did not attend. My main concern and focus was on players at positions I think Texans need, but I do make comments on some others. Unfortunately, I am not going to take time to organize my thoughts just list players and my observations. Hope info is helpful

Brandon Williams NT: more impressive than even I thought. IMO outplayed all DTs on either team other than Short. He has great motor and often took up more than one blocker and was able to get past them. He pursued to sidelines and down field as he did during season. Was on field more than I expected with Short & Sly Williams. Blew up OT Aboushi Oday.

Kawaan SHort DT: wow! Using my check mark system for every play above average, he led all players. Seemed to play 3 tech much more than NT 1 tech but often player numbers are hard to see unless announcer identifies. Made some money today & moved past several other players into first round.

Desmond Trufant CB: crossed field to chase down K/O return saving TD but did face mask. Very good game.

Michael Williams TE: Very good game with very good catch and followed with a TD pass. Very good hands for huge TE. Good f/up to season.

QBs: sucked...sorry but they did. Manuel scored but seemed to have a not so good play for every good one. Glennon looked to be a UDFA first half but did much better 2nd half. I would not draft him higher than 4th if that & not for Texans at all. Strong arm but not much else.

Bacarri Rambo S : looked very good with INT.

Everett Dawkins NT: good effort. Did not impress me.

John Jenkins NT: fat, slow. Should drop in rankings.

Jordan Poyer CB: very good game, best corner either team. Had INT and broke up what should have been a TD but dropped the INT. Alert & scooped up a blocked FG.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB: seemed out of position too often but did have two above average plays.

Sylvester WIlliams NT: good effort but did not push pocket as he did during season. Held his own but did not impress. His 313 pounds gives him sleeker look than early season.

Terrance Williams WR: try not to allow my bias to show but I really like this guy. I had same thought as I did with Baylor, leading passer with almost 20 yds per catch, why are you not throwing to him 15 times a game? Looked okay but seemed to be forgotten. He was not given opportunities that others like Kenjon Barner were.

Kenjon Barner RB: Stupid decision to run out kick off but turned into a decent run. He could not wipe off the grin and incredulous look. Seemed to have hands on ball much more than any player other than QBs. Pretty good game running and receiving.

Marcus Wheaton WR: very good game and worked sideline well. One "highlight" catch. Impressed.

Ezekial Ansah: I identified this guy early season but wasn't sure if his size would allow him to play OLB. He can. Constantly making plays & lived in back field. Played his way out of Texans reach if he had not already. Bad practice week but apparently is a game time guy.

Cornelius Washington DE: Maybe an OLB in 3-4 better than I thought he'd be.

Sio Moore 4-3 weakside LB: Did not focus on him as don't see him as Texan but had some good plays. Three above average.

Conner Vernon WR: good hands short routes. Had one very good catch for about 16 IIRC.

Brian Schwenke C: who? Yeah me too. Kiper pointed him out all week but first time I was able to watch this 6'4" 300 lb from Cal. Pulled well and held up well. Looks like perfect fit for ZBS.

Montori Hughes NT: 2 plays above avg. Did better than I expected.

Nico Johnson ILB: 2 plays above avg. Steady at best but just cannot get excited about him.

Datone Jones DE: another I Identified early but lost track of. Very good game with 5 checks marks. Not sure if he can play OLB but low round DE for depth.

Kyle Long OT: Kept hearing he had only 11 starts but whose fault is that? He had to go to Junior College and allow off field issues to calm. If it were not for his dad, doubt he'd get much attention. Supported my regular season low evaluation. He is 25 now. Should move to OG.
Rick Wagner RT: average play. Do not see him above 4th round.

Can offer opinions on others if requested but these are ones I focused on.
overall nice job BB, however I just mocked Datone Jones to Texans in the first round. Pass rusher with size and ability to play 5 tech generally garner first round grade. He is exceptional. Very bright, more explosive than Cameron Jordan who I really liked in 11 & went 24th overall to New Orleans.

Maycock mentioned Schwenke as a perfect fit for Texans ZBS but he must not understand Myers is going nowhere & Ben Jones is chomping at the bit?

Yeah Long will get overdrafted which I why I don't mock him anymore, naturally LG as I've said all along.

Ansah is a top 15 pick the Pierre-Paul comparisons are accurate its just that he isn't as explosive he plays heavy but still has elite closing speed. impressive.

Vernon is a going to be a solid pro still have him ranked a 4th rounder.

Terrance Williams just does'nt touch the ball enough to warrant a first round selection. However, better prospect than last years WR darling Stephen Hill.

I wouldn't be upset with either of both of those OSU players, Wheaten has long speed & can stop on a dime while Poyer is the best CB here.

2012 Draft was Mercilus
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